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The 5 Books You Must Read If You Want To Be Healthy

Written by: Nick Jack
Category: 2014
on 03 April 2014
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As many of you know, all of us at No Regrets are continually revising our knowledge, education and skills in order to find the latest research and methods to help our clients get great results. Most of our important tools are found in books, and many of them are old books not recent. Here are the top 5 books that we commonly refer to and that we know are essential for understanding health. For there are so many diet books, exercise tips etc it is hard to know what is right or wrong. These books provide the answers people are looking for and have helped us tremendously over the years.

1. “How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy” By Paul Chek Without a doubt the Best Book you will ever read regarding health. Paul Chek’s training methods are a cornerstone of the No Regrets Training style. His comprehensive assessments and looking at the body as a system of systems is unrivalled. This book teaches you how to firstly assess your health and then achieve health through use of a well designed exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, spiritual, emotional program! After reading this book it changed my thoughts on health forever and was the turning point for me as a trainer, as with Rossy and Mel who I was annoying at the time with all the stuff I was learning. An essential read. I highly recommend looking up or for more information

2 “ Nutrition & Physical Degeneration” By Weston A Price This was one of those books that you cant put down once you pick it up. A very old book this was published way back in the 1930’s! But the information in here is priceless as you would not be able to complete a study like this today as the primitive tribes do not exist. The book is based on the research of Weston A Price who was a Dentist and a Scientist. He carried out studies on over 16 native tribes all over the world and compared the diet of the native ancestry to the same race of people who were eating white mans foods and found a correlation of poor health with modern foods. A must read if you want to really know about nutrition A great source of Nutrition articles and information can be found at 

3. “ Think & Grow Rich” By Napolean Hill Another very old book. This was written around the time of the Great Depression and this is regarded as a classic in terms of business reading. Although the title suggests it is about how to become a millionaire, which it does talk about. It is so much more than that. Remember this was written at a time when the world was in the biggest crisis it has ever seen. So making money was not just so you could have a fancy car but how you could put food on the table. Napolean Hill’s insight into how the subconscious mind influences your life and how to train it, is amazing. 

4. “The Fungus Link” By Doug Kauffman I first read this book when searching for an answer to my Psoriasis condition that I had for many years. Paul Chek often referred to this and I thought I should find out more. A very easy read with many simple tips and information that you think “ why doesn’t anyone tell you this stuff”? No wonder people are so unhealthy and mucking around with so many different forms of pills and tablets for no success. Did you know at least 85% of the population has a fungal or parasite infection? If you have a skin condition or are sick often you must read this. 

5. “How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be” By Jack Canfield As with Think & Grow Rich, this book provides some great tips and exercises on how you can start living the life you always wanted. He provides 25 principles for Success that can help turn around every area of your life—at work, in your finances, socially or at home. A very inspiring book.

Without a doubt these are some of the easiest and most effective books to read if you want to be healthy