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Football Specific Strength & Conditioning Training

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 23 October 2014
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This is one of the most exciting programs we have ever released. This year we have put together a comprehensive Football Specific Conditioning Program that targets all of the essential elements a great player needs in today’s football. We consulted with several VFL football players about what skills they needed most in the game and devised a series of tests, assessments, programs and specific exercises that target the unique skills required of all types of players. The skills a ruckman needs differ significantly to a midfielder so why would they train the same? Having said that the modern game has really forced all players to become more like midfielders with incredible speed and change of direction. We have proven this program works over the last 4 years taking many up and coming players to new heights with their game. More recently the Womens Football League we have helped some players achieve State Level.. I can guarantee that you learn the skills, develop the strength speed and power to make your conditioning program the best ever, taking you through what is required for different phases of the season and prepare you for the best football year of your career.


What Is Involved In The Elite Football Conditioning Program?

If you are someone who is looking to

  1. Improve your lateral movement to sidestep opponents with ease
  2. Develop explosive acceleration to burst away from stoppages
  3. Build a stronger core to outpoint bigger opponents in one on one battles
  4. Create a strong and powerful body that helps hold onto the difficult overhead marks

Then you need to join Elite Football Conditioning as we show you how to use advanced training methods and exercises that target the areas needed to take your skills to the next level. 

We used to try and run 4 week group sessions but found it almost impossible to match the program to the needs of the players. Now we prefer to work individually so we can ensure all the exercises, programs and methods we show you are built specifically on WHAT YOU NEED!

The Best time to start this program is in October during the Off Season, but we can start players at any time during the year. Regularly we see clients during the season for rehab drills and to find a way to get them back playing as soon as possible. Many of these injuries can easily be avoided if we had of adopted a training program much earlier. ACL injuries for example are extremely common to football and can be a career ending injury. Over 70% of these are non contact related and caused by lack of stability, strength and poor movement. All of these can be prevented with the right program.

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What Is Involved In Our Program?


We test every player across all the elements of sports conditioning. Skills such as Balance, Agility, Speed and Co-ordination are covered extensively in the first few weeks to upgrade your movement skills and determine your current level of ability. These skills will be needed for much more vigorous training and being able to develop sports specific skills such as improved kicking, keeping your feet in the contest while at the same time creating a strong foundation to build strength and size effectively in the coming weeks.


Use of Functional Methods is so important for having strength that makes you faster and more powerful. We show you the best exercises for improving your strength and ability to tackle effectively. We look at exercises that help develop strength for overhead marking for the tall players and how to burst through packs with ease. This type of training gives you a taste of concepts such as Quickness, Reactivity and Change of Direction. The advanced strength methods are best done in the off season and preseason times before the end of the year break. We show you how to maximize this time so you can come back in the new year with a much stronger body.

This week we look at how to train effectively for speed and also power. This looks at how you can explode from stoppages and break free of your opponent. This type of training can, and should be used ALL SEASON long. This keeps players sharp and there is little risk of developing soreness or fatigue from this training if done correctly.


To make sure you run the game out we introduce the element of endurance mixed with strength and power! Prepare to get exhausted with these sessions. This is usually done closer to the beginning of the season as a way of sharpening your body for what is about to come.

Who Is Running The Training Sessions?

We currently have 3 VFL first division Football players on our roster using this program and our trainer for this program is Dylan Vizzarri who has played in the VFL for Box Hill Hawks. He himself has been using this program extensively the past few months after joining the No Regrets team as a trainer and already he has improved his speed, power and added muscle bulk like never before. Joining him is Elley Butcher who is a key player in the Knox Womens Football Leauge team. Elley brings a great deal of experience to the girls who are starting to take up this great game.


I myself have been a Personal Trainer for nearly 12 years and have worked with over 10 different VFL players in the last 3 years. And the person who I have seen develop to an incredibly great player, with unbelievable strength is Luke Andrews. I have been training with Luke since he was 16 years old and he came to as a scrawny kid with massive potential to be a great player and hopefully make the AFL. His biggest weakness was his small stature and lack of overall muscle and size. His strength was his speed, power and acceleration. Over the course of the past 6 years I have seen Luke achieve many things in his football career winning several awards with Box Hill Hawks and regularly holding his place in the Firsts even with over 17 Hawthorn listed players playing. He played in this year's VFL Grand Final ( unfortunately was injured early ). His skills could only take him so far, he needed to develop some conditioning to be able to make his mark on the game. He holds many of our Strength Training records and he also holds several records at Box Hill Hawks! And one of the interesting things about Luke is he trains using our methods ALL YEAR! One mistake I see many players make is not train their legs to keep them fresh. This leads to many weaknesses that not only make them slower, but set them up for injury! Watch the video below of where I explain what type of training you should be doing during the season.

Here is what Luke has to say

“After years of partaking in monotonous and unrelated training programs, training with Nick has opened up a whole new world of fitness, giving me that edge I needed. Playing high level football is one of the most physically demanding activities I can imagine, and I found myself asking how can I possibly be better than the guy next to me if I am doing exactly the same training as he is.
My knowledge of training components has increased dramatically since training with Nick, escaping the traditional body building training routine that most people get sucked into. By utilising whole body exercises with dynamic strength training, and improving my pos-ture, Nick has helped me become fitter and stronger in ways I didn’t know existed. I have not necessarily learned to train harder but certainly smarter, our training sessions have not only been helpful physically for myself, but mentally as Nick has a wealth of knowledge, helping me understand what I need to know in many different areas of health and fitness.
Overall I have benefited immensely from my training with Nick; areas of my game have been specifically replicated in our training programs which have helped me reach great heights in my football career. Playing first division with Box Hill and getting the opportunity to play each week even with a full Hawthorn list playing would never have been possible were it not for my intense training sessions with Nick.” Luke Andrews