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6 Reasons To Ride Your Bike During Self-Isolation

Written by: Nick Jack
Category: 2014
on 09 May 2020
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This is an article written by Pedallers that looks at the benefit of cycling during self-isolation for the Coronavirus.

Cycling & Self-Isolation

So, we’ve made our new year's resolutions, started to get fit, and focused on working on our goals. The year was going so well, wasn’t it? 

3 months after getting 2020 on track to be ‘the year’. We’re slapped in the face with a global pandemic. Who’d have thought that most of the globe would be forced to self-isolate for months at a time?

To witness such a chaotic event is extremely depressing for most and I’m sure that most of the world is feeling the strain right around now. COVID-19 has taken over the globe by storm and is spreading like wildfire. Every day, more and more people are hurt and affected by it, the death toll has never been higher, and the entire world economy is collapsing. 

During times of immense distress, we need to come together and unify. Since many countries are on lock-down now, we need to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. Staying inside for days at a time can become hard, especially when all we have is infinite films to watch on Disney +, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. But, there is a solution to every problem, a solution to solve the lack of activity during self-isolation. 

That solution is cycling. 

Whether you’ve never pushed a pedal in years, or have simply left your bike in the shed to rust, today we’ll work on reminding you of the 6 reasons to ride your bike during self-isolation. Cycling is a sport that has earned the respect of many people. You name it, you can almost certainly do with a bicycle. 

Scott Stoll, a community professor who traveled the entire world on his bike, says, “A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke”. And he is right not just in the literal meaning of the quote, but so much more lies underneath. 

It shows how cycling is not just a means of transport, but a passionate and thrill-filled way to experience life. It allows you to explore and find meaning in life.

Cycling is suggested by governments all over the world to be included as one of the extracurriculars we carry out during lockdown and self-isolation. There are many benefits to cycling, which eventually become all the more reasons for you to indulge in the hobby.

Precautions of riding outside:

Amidst the pandemic, we must take proper precautionary measures when going out to ride our bicycles. 

Remember, we still need proper protection from the virus. Covering your face with a mask and your hands with gloves is the best way to do it. You can buy gloves that provide proper grip on the handlebars while riding so you don’t lose control.

Riding alone is the best option for you as the virus spreads rapidly in groups. Avoid crowded areas and select a time of the day when the least amount of people will be outside. When you come back, clean your bike with detergent high in alcohol concentration to kill potential virus stuck to the surface. Clean the handlebar and the saddle along with your pedals as they are the sight of contact. Discard your mask and take your gloves off. Wash your hands for 20 seconds at least and maintain distance from the people around you.

Now we’ve got over the semantics of riding your bike during the mayhem of COVID-19, let’s remind ourselves of why you should be stepping up your cycling game with the given opportunity.

6 reasons to cycle:

Cardiovascular: Cycling is a great way to improve your cardiovascular rhythm. It helps to open up constricted valves of your heart, which allow for proper blood flow. This, in turn, improves your breathing and helps you pump oxygen to every part of your body in a better way.

Mental health:

Cycling is known to improve mental health. Whether you are an adrenaline junky or out for a casual ride, it always lights up the thrill-seeking parts of your brain which are good for you since they help you grow, make a quick decision, and learn quickly as well. Mental health is very important during self-isolation (because there’s nothing worse than sitting at home with your partner 24 hours a day).

Obesity and weight control:

Cycling can help you with obesity and controlling your weight. During times of self-isolation, we are bound to stay home. And that causes us to get into a lazy routine more easily. Cycling keeps you active and helps you work out doing something you love. Not only does it help you cut weight that you might put on during lockdown, but it helps you cut it at a faster rate.


Cycling is known to boost your immunity. Your immune system becomes stronger when you make cycling a part of your routine. Strong immunity is required for us to fight this virus until a vaccine comes out. Hence, cycling for better immunity is all the more reason for you to continue doing it.

Muscle strength and joint movement:

All we have to do nowadays is sit at home and relax. One of the potential downsides of this is that we will not be involved in movement or exercise a lot. This can cause our joints to stiffen up and muscles to lose strength. Cycling is an exercise that keeps most of your body muscles engaged.

Reduced anxiety and depression:

One of the problems we will face staying away from our friends is depression. It is the root of anxiety which will cause the rest of our work to go wrong. Cycling reduces anxiety and helps you fight depression. It is one of the best ways to alleviate stress.


As we can see, cycling is that angel in disguise that can save us from many problems during self-isolation. It is an amazing sport and there is a reason why it’s loved all around the globe!