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Group Training

As part of our range of services at No Regrets Personal Training we offer several specialized small to medium sized group training classes to give our clients not only that exciting variety that group training provides but also for us to focus on a specific skill such as Injury Prevention, Running, Golf or Core Strength Training. We also cater for specialized age groups such as our Older Adults program. We are very excited to be able to provide these high quality & specialized classes as we know that many gyms and 24 hour gyms do not provide this type of service. Our skills in rehabilitation and sports performance allow us to design effective group programs that are not "cookie cutter" one size fits all workouts. We still design the classes with complex movement skills and exercises designed to teach the body how to move correctly.

Training in small groups can be a more motivating and focused way to achieve your fitness goals than by going it alone in the gym or attending large group workout classes. Our Circuit Training class is a perfect example of how the group bonds together to create accountability, motivation and most importantly… great fun. We know from our extensive training and years of experience that the sense of camaraderie which comes in-built with our group training sessions not only makes our workouts enjoyable but produces better results too – and, after all, that’s what really counts here at No Regrets.

At No Regrets our Small Group Training sessions are designed around the best proven methods we have used in our one one training that we have used for over 10 years to get results. We have spent a lot of time developing exercises, methods and various workouts specific to each class that will challenge your body and create change. Scientific research has shown that working out in a small group makes you more likely to stick with your fitness program and avoid making excuses.

Our Four Group Programs include:

Circuit Training 

A mixture of high intensity weight training using equipment such as cable machines, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells and combining this with high intensity cardio activities such as boxing, power ropes, the rower and spin bikes to create the ultimate fitness sessions. Our 6am morning classes on Monday & Thursday are Women Only and our 7pm classes also on Monday and Thursday are a mixed class for the guys to attend. We also recently introduced a Saturday 830am session which has proved to be very popular. If you are someone in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne looking for a challenging circuit class without all the boring push ups, burpees and endless squats, trust me this is it.

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Golf Performance 

This is a 12 week group class that consists of an extremely thorough assessment procedure and a carefully designed program, specific to the game of golf to improve golf performance and reduce injury. We are qualified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist Coaches and have spent several years developing this program that includes swing fault analysis and corresponding stretches and exercises to correct. Each person will receive their own individualized stretching, stability, strength and power exercise program with print out pictures and access to videos to execute their program. Not only will you improve your game but more importantly know how to stay injury free so you can continue to play as long as you want.

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Core Strength Essentials 

This is a class designed to teach people the essential skills for mastering Core Strength Training to prevent injury, rehabilitate injury or just simply achieve that elusive “six pack”. Many people mistake crunches and abdominal isolation exercises as the key to having a strong core, but this is not even close to what you need in order to achieve abs of steel. This group class covers everything from scientific testing of all the core muscles in lying, seated and standing position and how to enhance strength quickly and efficiently. We are masters at this type of training and have spent a lot of time developing these concepts, assessments and program for all ages, abilities, sports and injuries. We work very closely with BodyMotion Physiotherapy in Mitcham to provide their patients with a stepping stone progression to getting their body conditioned to prevent re-injury or postural compensation. This is a great class for a beginner to gym exercises or somebody not quite sure if their technique is correct as we spend a lot of time teaching the finer points of all exercises.

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Stronger For Longer

This is our NEW class that we are introducing on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. This is a class designed to improve the health and functional capacity of the older adult. We recognize that most gyms and fitness centers do not cater for the older adult. They believe that it is too dangerous for them to do strength training, and do not understand the importance of improving an elderly person's ability to move and improve skills like balance and strength. We know how to do this and have been doing it for over 10 years. This class is very suited to anyone over 60 years of age and will cater for beginners and also people with chronic pain or limitations. It is never too late to start exercising and strength gains can still be made even in your 90's.

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Running - Currently our running group is taking a break. But it will be back soon. This is a Running group designed for a group of people who are either beginners wanting to see how they go learning to run, or the more serious runners who are right into their running, the training, the group camaraderie, races and being fit and healthy.  The abilities of each runner might range from slow to fast, but the common link with this group is the dedication and motivation to making running a consistent part of their lives. This is different to many other running groups as we teach you 3 Things You Must Have To Be Good At Running: Efficiency, Strength & Endurance.

We spend a lot of time teaching our runners these concepts because we know when you get these right, running becomes so fun and easy, plus you never get injured which is the worst thing that can happen. Efficiency is all about technique and we spend a lot of time on this all throughout the running training.

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