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Golf Performance

A unique and very specialised service to No Regrets Personal Training is our Golf Performance Program. Every golfer wants to play better, lower their handicap and improve their overall score without getting injured. Our Golf Performance Program is based on the principles of functional exercises designed to restore balance, strength, co-ordination, stability and improve movement skills specific to the game of golf.

The assessments, specific exercises and programs are some of the programs used successfully by some of today’s PGA Professionals! 

At No Regrets we are lucky to have 2 Qualified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist Trainers. To earn the title “CHEK Golf Performance Specialist”, a person must first demonstrate extensive knowledge and grasp of the C.H.E.K System for developing golf performance and be able to address golf-specific conditioning needs. To prove their knowledge, they must also pass a rigorous written exam. Paul Chek, author of The Golf Biomechanic's Manual and founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in San Diego, CA, designed the CHEK Golf Performance Specialist advanced Training Programs to teach his technique to fitness trainers, health professionals and golf pros.

Knowing how to prevent this injury is vital if you want to enjoy your game and reach your true potential. When addressing the ball with a straight spine, the golfer allows him/herself the potential for making a better turn in the backswing. The better the shoulder turn, the more clubhead speed the golfer should be able to generate. And in addition to that, having good postural stability will provide you with sustained endurance to be able to play a consistent game from the 1st hole to the 18th hole.

Because if there is one thing a golfer really wants, more than just driving longer, it is the ability to play consistently well. This program teaches you how to do this.

This program focuses on improving function through correct training. Without a doubt, the only way to improve a golf game is to improve the actual golfer: the ways they stretch, swing, and train. After all, many golfers will spend almost $5000 on clubs they can’t even swing correctly!

Unfortunately many amateur golfers fail to recognize the need for improved physical conditioning for the game of golf. The most common method for improving their game is to get professional lessons, buy expensive clubs and practice religiously. But did you know what muscles are involved in the golf swing? I will tell you. ALL OF THEM!

Meaning, that in order to have an effective golf conditioning program, it must consider that all the muscles are on the job and fire in a sequence of events that will either produce a consistently good swing or a poor swing. The factors that determine consistency of your swing are covered in great detail in this training program with scientific assessments and analysis of all movement patterns and abilities such as flexibility, posture, stability, strength, endurance and power. 

We provide individual programs for this program. 


Here is a snapshot of what will be covered in the course 

  1. The principles behind a Golf Swing analysis as used by today’s professional golfers 
  2. What are the Big 5 ball control factors 
  3. How to complete specific assessments to identify and correct flexibility and stability muscle imbalances that will hinder the golf swing 
  4. How to perform a postural analysis and use the information from the assessment to improve the golf game 
  5. How to design a stretching program for the golf player that addresses swing faults and postural misalignment 
  6. How to use a variety of Golf Specific stability exercises to ensure the golf player has adequate Core Strength and stability to improve performance of the swing but prevent injury 
  7. What the ideal progression of exercises to guarantee success when designing a program 
  8. How to apply the Flexibility-Stability-Strength-Power corrective exercise formula for the golfer. 
  9. How to do a Golf Specific warm up that improves your swing and does not ruin your back

Do You Want Proof That Our Program Works?

Watch the video below of Professional Golfer Dan Harrington who trained with us for most of 2014 in preparation for the Australian summer tournaments.

Would you like to drop 5-10 strokes off your game? Establishing a successful strength and conditioning program to improve your game is the key to how well you place your next ball in the fairway. Although experience and knowledge of the game are helpful, getting your body in the best physical shape possible has been scientifically proven to dramatically improve your game. In every golf swing, power is transferred from the legs through the core and the rest of the body and out to the club. Velocities can sometimes exceed 160 mph with proper muscle strength and control. The golf swing is an unnatural movement that is complex, explosive, and physically stressful. Since power is a function of force and velocity, the importance of strength training cannot be over emphasised.

So this is what our Golf Specialist Training Program can you do physically to improve your golf swing? 

  • Increase muscular strength- 5 mph can increase drive 40-50 yards 
  • Improve muscular control - a weak link can decrease drive by 20-30 yards 
  • Increase endurance - increase power and consistency, decrease fatigue & recovery time 
  • Improve balance - “you cannot fire a cannon from a canoe”. If you are unbalanced you will hit a poor drive 
  • Increase flexibility - create more "coil" or torque, to generate more power, less compensation for altered joint mechanics and less swing faults 
  • Prevent injury - well stabilised limbs and joints, strong core. 

By far the most exciting group and individual training program we have at No Regrets. Don’t waste anytime and book in now for a FREE assessment and start improving your game now!

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