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Preferred Partners

As part of our vision at No Regrets Personal Training we want to be able to provide our clients with the BEST health and fitness service possible, and at times that requires additional help in areas we are not experts in. Rehabilitation and injury management are areas that can get very complex and when we have identified our client to be high risk we refer out to a trusted health practitioner. Although we never want injury to occurr and our training style is all about preventing injury we know there are times you may need help with a problem that exceeds our level of training. So we have teamed up with several other local businesses who are highly regarded in their fields to give you all the tools and resources you need to get results. In addition to that we have also recently partnered with a Sports Equipment wholesaler to ensure you can get from quotecorner online pharmacy the best health and fitness equipment products at the best prices to help you complete your program.

1. BodyMotion Physiotherapy

The team at BodyMotion are incredible for helping their patients overcome all type of injury and pain. We work very closely with the team at BodyMotion to help you get back on track fast. We have collaborated our services together with BodyMotion Physiotherapy to provide the community and our clients / patients with a series of educational videos which you can access below

216 Mitcham Road, Mitcham VIC 3132
(03) 9873 3333



2. Exercise Shop

The guys at Exercise Shop provide some of the best therabands, swissballs and various training equipment essential to our type of training which is reliant on building a strong core and stable body. A great resource for our clients to access for any of their equipment needs

The Exercise Shop

PO Box 18, Boronia

Victoria 3155

Call 1300 702 238


3. Manningham Foot Clinic

Bud Egodagamage and his team at Manningham Foot Clinic have forged a strong relationship with No Regrets Personal Training as our philosophy on rehabilitation and injury prevention is almost identical. We have consulted with Bud on many unique conditions that require a specialized treatment plan and his skills for providing analysis and assessment of the true cause of the patient's injury are invaluable for us as trainers.

Suite 2, 195 Thompsons Road, Bulleen, Victoria, 3105

(03) 9850 9915

4. First Choice Physiotherapy

Lee Kelemen and David Montgomery from First Choice Physiotherapy provide a great professional physiotherapy service to to ensure our clients overcome their injury and pain. Their advice and support is invaluable to our training team.

249 Canterbury Road,
Forest Hill, 3131,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
P: (03) 9875 6222, F: (03) 9894 4867
Website :


5.Black Chiropractic Centre

Michael Black is a highly respected Chiropractor and their Black Chiropractic clinic has been operating for 30 years now. Anything that stands the test of time is evidence alone as to their high standards

Lower Templestowe Chiropractor

171 High St Doncaster , Vic 3107
Phone: (03) 9509 7691

Armadale Chiropractor

880 High Street Armadale, Vic 3143
Phone: (03) 9509 7691




Great Resource Websites

1.CHEK Connect & CHEK Institute

This is where we get our training methods from. We highly recommend checking out the free articles and videos that are regularly posted.


2.AOK Health

AOK The Healthy Way 

This is where No Regrets Purchase most of our equipment. You can get Foam Rollers, Swiss Balls, practically anything from this site.


3.Nutri Fit

You can access organic food delivered to your home. A deliciously healthy lifestyle at your doorstep.



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