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Womens Only Circuit Training

Training in groups can be a more motivating and focused way to achieve your fitness goals than by going it alone in the gym or attending large choreographed group workout classes that are the same week in, week out. In order for you to create change in your body, you need new and exciting challenges that are realistic to achieve and constantly requiring new skills and abilities. 

These sessions are no longer limited to women and all men are invited to attend.

Not only do the clients learn new skills and methods for improving fitness, strength & melting fat, but the group bonds together to create accountability, motivation and more importantly… great fun. We know from our extensive training and years of experience that the sense of camaraderie which comes in-built with our group training sessions not only makes our workouts enjoyable but produces better results too – and, after all, that’s what really counts here at No Regrets.

These sessions cater for beginners as well as seriously challenging the more experienced and skilled fitness enthusiast. To keep motivation high and your body always guessing, we regularly provide massive internal group challenges like our 28 Day Challenge to help inspire spark your training with a new focus.

Watch the video below to see our Group Sessions in action


When & Where Are Our Classes:


  • Monday & Thursdays at 7pm
  • Thursdays at 6am


We mix between indoor and outdoor exercises. All sessions are indoors so we can utilize a lot of the equipment. These are at our studio 10/18-20 Redland Drive Mitcham. 


8 Sessions / 4 Weeks = $160 or $25 for a single session.

What Is Our Training Like?

At No Regrets our Group Training sessions are a lot different to what you would expect. These sessions are designed around the same advanced, scientifically proven methods we use in our one on one training, because we know they get results.  We do not use the typical “Junk Style” of training that you commonly see in Bootcamp sessions today, with endless burpees, crunches and push ups etc. This type of training, apart from ruining people and setting them up for all types of repetitive injury, simply does not get results.

The “go hard, go home” style of training places more stress onto people than they can handle. Too much stress is one of the biggest reasons people gain weight in the first place! The other factor that is a real problem for most people is lack of time! What people need is exercise that is challenging, fun, and highly effective at building muscle, fitness and time efficient without adding more stress. This is what our training is all about. We use circuit training style of training built around integrated functional strength training exercises to give the participants a “big bang for their buck”, but teaching the body how to move correctly for life's demands.

By utilizing multi-joint integrated movements we teach great movement skills and build immense core strength whilst at the same time melting fat and improving fitness.

Looking for a do-it-all workout that strengthens muscles, improves fitness and burns a whole load of calories – a truly functional workout?

We call this our MELT Session (Metabolic Enhanced Lifestyle Training). This type of workout is a system of exercise which covers all entire fitness bases in one simple, very  challenging, workout. When we exercise, oxygen carrying blood is diverted to the working muscles preferentially. This ‘shunting’ of blood requires an increase in workload by the cardiovascular system heart and lungs. Our "MELT" training, is designed around this principle, as we immediately perform an exercise for a different muscle group, oxygenated blood has to be pumped to the new area of the body and the Cardiovascular system again bears the brunt of the work.

By strategically selecting complex movement patterns that require multiple abilities at once, there is an abnormally high amount of muscle groups activated forcing the heart and lungs have to work harder than ever to sustain the effort. It feels like cardio training even though no actual cardiovascular exercise is being performed.

The key is to include as many of the foundation movement patterns such as Squat, Lunge, Bend, Twist, Push and Pull with abilities like Balance, Speed, Power, Strength, Agility, Coordindation and Endurance. This is also a key part of our Sports Training Program that we incorporate into our group sessions because we know this works for athletes. Below is examples of this style of training using some of our more popular workouts. Keep in mind we have a beginners induction period where they learn these new exercises safely.

The greater the number of movement patterns and abilities involved, the more effective the workout.

What About Technique?

While the workouts we just showed you are great fun and can get your heart rate going like crazy, you MUST have good form. We spend a lot of time doing workouts slower and controlled to ensure that you learn and MASTER each new exercise we show you. We know technique better than anyone. This is why our One on One Personal Training program is has earned our reputation for excellence with functional training and rehabilitation amongst many of the local health practitioners. And while we aim to deliver the best group training experience you have ever had, we know it must stick to the principles of good technique to avoid injury but also get the most out of your body.

We also provide bi-weekly email newsletters with video tips and articles on many of the complex topics, exercises and questions circulating in the gym. This way we know you can complete our intense programs with full confidence and take your training to a new level. We use slow motion video capture with split screen feedback to provide you with the best advice on how to get your exercises correct every time. 

Watch the video below about exercise technique to see more on this.

The Scientific research has shown that working out in a group makes you more likely to stick with your fitness program, avoid making excuses and get your workouts done. For the person who is time poor and needs to get every last drop out of the little time they have, this type of training is perfect for maximizing the return on your effort.

We’re completely confident in our ability to provide the “gold standard” of health and fitness training and people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome. The “progressive programming” of the No Regrets Functional Circuit Training is perfect for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.

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