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About 18 months ago, which is when I had my shoulder operation, I wasn’t sure if I would ever play cricket again. Since working with you guys, I have built up a lot of strength, flexibility and confidence in my body so it won’t break down as much. I know I still have a long, long, way to go but it was so encouraging to see that I can get back to my passion of playing sports again.

Last weekend, after playing in a cricket premiership with a great bunch of guys, I was named in the team of the year for our competition as a batsman/wicketkeeper – not bad for an old bloke in an open age competition.

This would not have been achieved without your guidance and help in regaining my movement and strength.

Thanks and much appreciated.

Darren Holland - May 2021









"In 2013 I suffered a prolapsed disc. It was pretty bad. Half my right leg was completely numb for about 6 months. And, of course; AGONY. It was caused by years of exercising with bad technique and pushing through a series of soft tissue injuries. Once the pain subsided and I could feel my leg again, I just got right back into exercise without bothering to do a proper rehab program. Unfortunately, because of all the injuries, my brain had forgotten how to communicate with a lot of my core muscles, but I didn’t realise it. Do you know what happens when you go snowboarding with weak/inactive core muscles? Concussions. A lot of concussions. I did get a bit stronger, but as my brain gradually learned to communicate with my muscles again, something else went wrong. I developed Functional Neurological Disorder.

FND is a very common but little understood disorder where there’s a problem with the functioning of the brain. The normal communication between the different parts of your brain goes wrong. It can cause a lot of varied symptoms that mimic other conditions like MS and Parkinson’s. It’s debilitating for many sufferers, who sometimes end up wheelchair-bound or severely cognitively impaired. There's no proper treatment for it. I'm less unfortunate than most because I have a mild case that just causes a movement disorder. I shake a lot, suffer random limb weakness and sometimes fall over because my legs forget how to work. But most of the time I look “normal”.

So, by 2019 I’d finally realised that I was never going to fix my body on my own and I just couldn’t take another concussion (the 5th and 6th sucked so bad). That’s when I reached out to the team at No Regrets. I told Nick in our first meeting that my goal was to fix my muscle imbalances and get strong enough to try for my level 3 snowboard instructor cert. I noticed improvements from the first week. It’s been challenging and fun relearning how to move properly while getting stronger.

The team are also really great dealing with my FND and will adjust my program depending on how my FND is behaving on any given day. I occasionally have to take time off work because of a bad brain day, but I’ve yet to take a day off training. I’m still a work in progress, but I think I’m finally ready to take a crack at that level 3 exam this coming season."

Shannon Griffin - April 2021 Client of the Month








"I started personal training sessions at No Regrets nearly 12 months ago when my amazing Chiropractor advised me that the next step in my recovery was strength training and I needed to start PT. She said, ?not just any PT you need to go to No Regrets and see Nick! I have been so grateful for this advice and the whole team have been fantastic. They have changed my whole perspective on gyms and exercising. I still can't believe how much I enjoy my PT and group sessions and the positive
benefits it has on my overall health. 

My story begun 12 hours after the birth of my third child who weighed a healthy 4.2 kg. I began to experience severe back pain and my mobility was drastically reduced. I was unable to get in and out of bed without assistance and could no longer walk unaided. I arrived home with a hospital bed commode and walker. My husband had to carry me into the house and up the stairs. This is where I stayed for 6 weeks unable to get downstairs while I had a regular physio and a Chinese medicine specialist come to my house for treatments. I could not be left alone and was unable to care for my newborn child or my other two children. My mother moved in for three months and my husband couldn't return to work. I was very fortunate that I had so much support.Walking to the bathroom and back all of 20 metres was taking me over an hour with my walker! I could not lift my newborn baby out of the cot! At six weeks I made it downstairs and my dad took me to see a chiropractor who was a huge help in my journey to recovery. I was still unable to walk unaided at this point. With months of regular treatments, I was ready for the next step! This was where exercise began.

When I started at No Regrets, I was far from my pre-injury state. I soon learned from Nick that I needed to retrain my brain and start moving in a safer way protecting my back. I am so grateful for the care, support and knowledge the team of No
Regrets have given to me. I now feel stronger than I did pre-injury and I have developed a new love for exercising. I really can?t thank the whole team enough and am forever recommending No Regrets to all my family and friends. It really is like no other gym your personalised approach and constant support was the final piece in my recovery and exactly what I needed to take control back. The thought of living in chronic pain was a scary one. I'm so grateful I have been pain free for so long now. Thank you!"

Nadia Harris - March 2020 Client of the Month






"Originally I (Richard) started training at No Regrets in early 2015 to help with recovery after hip replacement surgery. The care and understanding of the Personal Trainers resulted in a speedy recovery and greatly improved his fitness levels. The exercises were carefully worked out and challenged him, but within his capabilities. Bernice started with the Core Strength Essentials group sessions in late 2015. Bernice has had rheumatoid arthritis for several years and was very cautious and unsure when she started the core strength classes. However, with tailored exercises and heaps of encouragement from the No Regrets trainers, she persevered and found that it really helped with her rheumatism. When she retired, she joined Richard for a joint training session with Elley and then Nathan.

We have been going regularly each week and weren’t sure what was going to happen when No Regrets had to suspend training as a result of COVID-19. Nick sent out an email inviting clients to enrol for a home-based exercise program using whatever equipment they had to hand. We were lucky to join this program and Nick devised an exercise routine for each of us to improve our fitness levels and not to lose the gains already made. A big incentive for us to keep the exercises up, is the ability to log what we have done after each session and hence, see our improvements.

On one week we were very surprised to learn that we had lifted a total of 1.8 tons! We have a weekly phone conversation with Nick to discuss any issues we may have with the exercises. He also alters our programs to keep us challenged and to provide us with encouragement. Regularly exercising during isolation has really given us something to focus on when all our normal activities have been cancelled.

This initiative has been fantastic and means when No Regrets re-opens, we will not have to start all over again, but instead, be able to at least, resume our normal exercises and maybe go to the next level. Many thanks to all the trainers at No Regrets, especially Elley in the early days, Nathan and Nick, who have inspired us to improve our fitness levels."

Richard & Bernice Bond - April/May 2020 Client Of The Month






"I discovered Nick at No Regrets by absolute luck.  Every day I ran for 20 years, it was my passion but I’d started to get intense knee/patella pain.  I was only in my late 30’s.  After trailing around visiting every expert I could find I eventually ended up having major knee surgery but a few weeks after the surgery it become very clear it had changed nothing.  All the experts, the physio’s and the podiatrists I had seen at the time were not able to clearly identify the cause.  During a particular frustrating day I stumbled across some google reviews for Nick at No Regrets.  Without trying to sound too dramatic it changed my life.

Because of my past history and complications including my back I decided to make the flight interstate to visit Nick in person.  After an initial consultation, we have since continued to work together through the phone every six to eight weeks adjusting my fitness program. 

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that my body felt very broken when I initially met Nick.  I had no strength in my legs from years of only running and a locked up thoracic spin /back.  Through Nicks incredible knowledge and practical experience, he immediately determined what the issues were and it wasn’t my knees. He helped me build strength slowly using exercise I could actually do and that didn’t blow my knees out. 

Every six to eight weeks I make a call to Nick and we walk through the exercises he has given me detailing where I found complications or what I found easy. The programs have always been super interesting because they challenge you mentally and physically, keeping you engaged – people at my gym often comment on them.

I am now the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Where simple things caused me pain and were unachievable I am now able to do so much I could never manage, like long hikes and riding my bike with the kids.

I’ve met a lot of people in my time in the fitness and rehabilitation areas and Nick has knowledge like no one I have ever met.  He’s incredibly generous with his time and always responds to any query with detailed help and information.  I would be absolutely lost without his help."

Catherine Cantwell






"Last August I was in a really bad place with chronic hip and lower back issues. It was difficult to sit, stand and sleep and I became very emotional and generally down on life without any idea of how to move forward. A bit of history - I’ve had lower back pain for about 12 years (some of it was in glutes and hips) and seen many health professionals including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists and had acupuncture, tried Pilates. Some treatments helped a little, some for longer periods than others but none removed the pain completely - it was attributed to disc bulges at the time. At one point I gave up as it seemed it wouldn’t get any better and I thought that’s just how I had to live. I have always been fit, active and enjoyed regular running (currently on pause).

So back to August, my discomfort was high enough to get an MRI which showed I had a torn labrum and femoroacetabular impingement syndrome in the hip. My GP referred me to an Orthopaedic surgeon as I wasn’t sure about physios - the last one I’d seen told me I was just getting old and had to live with my hip not having a full range of motion or get surgery (that was about 2 years ago - I was 42). I googled for solutions endlessly and came across Nick on You Tube explaining Piriformis syndrome. It was a great video which prompted me to call No Regrets PT.

Training has been an amazing experience. Firstly getting me over the major pain hurdle and secondly giving me an education which will set me up to self manage my issues long term. The team have been very supportive and giving with their time and resources beyond anyone I have ever dealt with before.

Compared to where I was last August, my pain levels have decreased dramatically and I’ve found I’m moving differently in everyday activities. In the past, I would have gotten despondent when pain levels increased. I now know how to manage pain and why it’s happening. Thanks for giving me hope, motivation and a better backside!"

Sonia Barras - April 2019 Client Of The Month








"18 months ago I was out of shape, overweight and had dreadful exercise and eating habits.  I’d tried the whole range of gyms, exercise plans and diets over the years but always found them too hard to stick to.  Every gym program I’d ever been in had told me that I had to do cardio and lots of it to lose weight – there was no point lifting weights or trying to tone up until the fat was gone.  I hated cardio as it felt like endless sessions on bikes or treadmills with no real results.  I never managed to stick with it for long.

My No Regrets journey has really changed the way I look at exercise.  I would never have believed it was possible to drop so much weight doing just 2 half hour sessions in the gym per week (and one session at home – most weeks!).  The mix of exercises keeps me on my toes, and I’ve really enjoyed the sense of being challenged to train not just harder but better as well. 

But most of all, I’ve enjoyed becoming part of the No Regrets family!  Nick, Mel, Nathan and Kim have really helped me to take a more holistic view of health and think hard about how to manage the food side of things as well as the exercise.  I’m not quite where I want to get to just yet – but certainly have the help and support and I need, so thanks to the whole No Regrets team."

David Stephens - November 2019 Client of the Month






I wanted to write this email to thank you for your website. I have been a serious Brazilian Jjiujitsu student/competitor for years and have had 3 surgeries for my left knee to repair/remove lateral meniscus tissue. In addition I have had articular cartilage damage to the same knee. One of the most difficult parts of my recovery has been patellar instability/tracking issues. I have been to numerous Physical Therapists here in the United States (I live in Virginia) and no one has come close to being able to deliver the results your website has. Your step by step approach to fixing my knee (through Youtube videos of all things) has brought my knee back to nearly 100% function and almost pain free movement.

Thank you again and if I'm ever in Australia I want to stop by and shake your hand.


Matt Nutaitis






"My experience with No Regrets is such a positive journey. In 2018, after I had my second baby born, I was suffering frequently with pain from neck to toes, along with losing muscle and less appealing body shape. I believed it was time to pick up the regular exercise and rebuild my body and my confidence. I spent a lot of time researching about personal training in the market, and could not find the one that meet all my needs, until I found a testimonial on the No Regrets website who talked about his experience and how strong he felt after the training. I met up with Nick and he did some tests with me, and helped me see that the nerve damage I was feeling was from my poor posture in my everyday life. It all made sense to me and was convinced by his professional approach and felt confident to start my training.

The first three months was really hard but well worth it. Nathan helped me start up from the first step, carefully explaining every exercise we were doing and its purpose for my recovery. He encouraged to do my homework and work harder on the weekly training, and then a miracle happened! My pain had gone completely. This inspired me to continue with the training and keep doing it weekly. Now I can easily handle things I never thought possible. I can even hold my little one on my arm, and not feel scared of pain.

As I gain more strength I can feel how my life is so much easier and fun. I am pain free and confident, and it’s a real credit to Nathan and No Regrets Training."

Rebecca Yang -  October 2019 Client Of The Month









"I came to No Regrets Personal Training in March this year after recovering from a hip injury. I wasn’t in very good shape after years of high intensity workouts and running. I had reached a stage a couple of years beforehand, where I knew that all that intense and hard style of working out was starting to have a detrimental effect on my body and my mind. The hip injury was the last piece of convincing I needed that I had to find a safer and gentler way of achieving my health and wellbeing goals.

I found No Regrets Personal Training online. I emailed an expression of interest, had a chat on the phone with Nick, made a time for an assessment and started the following week. It’s fair to say that when I started I was about as flexible as a plank. I lacked stability and strength but was full of determination to improve all these issues. I enjoy my twice weekly half hour workouts with Nick, Nathan or Mel and have been pleasantly surprised by the results that I have achieved in a short period of time. My body has responded well to the programs the trainers have put together for me and the best part is, is that I’m training pain free. The motivation from training at No Regrets has also spilled over into a renewed enthusiasm for running, which I now approach with a much more realistic goal of health and fitness and not pace and time.

I’m truly grateful for the support, knowledge, advice and encouragement that Nick and his team at No Regrets have provided me and I look forward to continuing into the future."

Pauline Baudinette - September 2019 Client of the Month









I started at No Regrets in December 2017.   After doing physio and starting Pilates for a bulging disc (or so I thought), I saw the poster for No Regrets at my physio.  After my initial assessment, I was quite taken aback, my flexibility was terrible, I couldn’t squat and my quads and hip flexors were apparently made of concrete! There was only one thing in the assessment that Nick said I was good at, that not everyone can do it, the rest was a bit lacklustre.  It spurred me on to rise to the challenge and be able to smash every challenge I was given. They say if you don’t hate your trainer then they’re not doing their job, fair to say that over the journey, there hasn’t been actual hate, just general dislike (and some choice words) and admiration that they are encouraging me to not just get there, but get over and above. 

I was really making progress, getting stronger and doing exercises that I had never dreamt of doing! The end of June 2018 I came down with an injury, was it my hip?  Was it my ankle?  Was it my back again? More physio and a modified program at No Regrets saw me improve again, until in November it all regressed. Fast forward to January, I was diagnosed with MS and suddenly everything made sense. I started medication in March, had another round in April and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

My goal when I started at No Regrets was to be able to run (actually learn how to, as I have never run in my life!), that goal kept getting further and further away, until now! I have set myself a goal to run 5km in October 2020, and that is becoming more achievable thanks to Nathan and the Bulgarian deadlifts, not to mention Kim and her boxing workouts and gruelling BOSU squats!

Having No Regrets in my life and the support from Nick, Mel, Ellie, Dylan, Nathan and now Kim, has been amazing and I have no regrets at all about making that phone call to Nick!

Meredith Rogers - August 2019 Client Of The Month








"In my 70th year I was fortunate to spend part of it in Annecy, France with members of my family who run cycling tours. There was of course, being France, a lot of eating and drinking and to a lesser extent, cycling. I really struggled with the latter through a lack of strength and fitness and I decided that when I returned to Australia I would have to fix these. A Google search for holistic health, fitness and well-being took me to the C.H.E.K. Institute in America and then to find someone in Australia who offered something similar. Voila !!! No Regrets Personal Training was discovered.

There are certainly no regrets after 6 months of working with the team who offer hard work, friendship, motivation and knowledge. Their tailoring of programs to suit the individual’s needs, with respect to age and fitness, is outstanding. I have always tried to lead an active life and have always loved sport. In my youth it was athletics; in my latter years cycling has become my passion but I still felt a need for something more. The program at No Regrets Personal Training has met that need and I am very happy with it.

I am appreciative of the award of Client of the Month and hope that we oldies can show the younger members that it is possible to maintain fitness and STRENGTH into old age."

Maryrose Walters - May 2019 Client Of The Month





So over the last few years I’ve had a significant career change, moving from sewing teacher to Myotherapist . I’ve worked while studying as well as doing all of those family things and lost sight of selfcare principals that I know are so important to remaining functional. The busier I became the less energy I had for the day to day stuff and my rest was purely for the purpose of being able to work – I was seriously out of balance.

 I had had a crack at gym programs but always came away in more pain than when I began. Everything seemed to hurt all the time. After realising that perhaps I needed an exercise program that was “bespoke” as well as challenging I was introduced to Nick and Mel through work at BodyMotion Physiotherapy. Each session is fun and varied. Nathan encourages to get the best out of me, balancing my strengths and weaknesses. Care is taken not to overdo an exercise if something is niggling or feeling uncomfortable and I’m now consistently achieving PBs or “Bee Smoking” it!

By working through functional strength training instead of concentrating on isolating muscles my ability to sustain a high physical workload with greatly reduced discomfort has increased significantly. I am indebted to the No Regrets team as they have proven that with the correct approach anything is achievable as well as further adding to my knowledge and understanding as a Myotherapist. Thank you.

Linda Bear - July 2019 Client of the Month 





After a hard season of kayak guiding in Antarctica, and with multiple back to back to back seasons of physically demanding work adding up, my body was in a bit of a state and needed to be be built back up again to help me face the rigours of my job. Now coming to the end of 4 months of coaching and work with Nick, Dylan and Nathan I can only say - thank you. They have collectively prepared me for success this coming arctic guiding season and I end my time training with No Regrets thankful for their in-depth, detailed knowledge; their human, holistic approach to coaching and goal setting, and with the knowledge in hand to help me maintain what I have worked hard to achieve in this short window of opportunity. I very much look forward to renewing with the No Regrets team whenever I am in Melbourne between work assignments and would encourage anyone with a history of spinal issues to connect with Nick - his experience and accumulated knowledge regarding scoliosis imbalances have helped me immensely. Thanks to the entire team!

Michael Callaghan - June 2019




Nick Jack is a fantastic rehabilitation specialist for sport injuries. I found Nick on the internet as I had suffered some significant injuries. I really was lost and felt so vulnerable with no direction with my rehab.. Nick provided me with a progressive gym program/rehab program. After 8 months of training with Nick he has helped me believe in my body.... l have honestly learnt so much from Nick. I am so much stronger and I am building on my strength through his program. I have had many complements at my own gym of my training . He is always working for you and trying his hardest to progress you to the best outcome. He is honest, kind and compassionate.

Sonya Pote - April 2019






"In my early 20s I somehow put a rib out along with two vertebrae (the ‘how’ is not an exciting story – is it ever?) and the pain in my neck and left shoulder area plagued my ability to maintain exercise programs. I tried gyms, clinical pilates (with moderate success), running, I spent a few years at a boxing gym which I loved, but the same issues kept hindering my progress. I’d get only so far and then have a set back, spend months at the physio, finally recover and then get hit with another set back.  It was super frustrating, to say the least.  Running helped for some years, at least to keep me moving, but even that started to impact on my body to the point where I stopped enjoying it. 

When I first met Nick, it was in 2010 (can’t believe it was that long ago!) to prepare for the race against Puffing Billy and I was in need of some pointers. To discover years later that the No Regrets gym was located just up the road from my place was a sign! A place to learn how to recover from injury and not look back? This was just what I needed.  I ditched the boxing, and haven’t looked back.  It took some time, trying different things, but these days I am pain-free. Just the ‘good’ ache 1 or 2 days post a workout! I love that if I have a new injury or issue, it’s even more of a reason to show up.  Nathan and Andrew tailor the session accordingly yet still challenge my body. No such thing as an easy workout with those two! 

I have learned so much more about my body and been able to push it way beyond what I thought was ever possible. Deadlifts and the trap bar are one of my favourite exercises. I’m so proud of how strong I am now. It means I can still give each of my 10 year old twin boys a piggy-back ride without collapsing in a heap hehe. I haven’t been able to do push ups for I don’t know how many years but just recently, I’m finally able to take them on!  Thanks for all that you all do and for choosing me as your client of the week! You guys are awesome."

Anna Lawton - Jan/Feb 2019 Client Of The Month









"Over the last 20 years I have pushed my body physically doing taekwondo and cycling. I suffered from various levels of sciatica which effected me during my late 20's to my early 30's. Depending on the level of pain I was experiencing, I could battle through recovery with just rest. Now in my 40's the pain wasn't as frequent but when it hit it would knock me off my feet for a week at a time. July of 2017 I awoke to sciatica symptoms down my left side. I lent over the kitchen bench and 2hrs later I was in the back of an ambulance with a level of paint I'd never experienced before. I was sent to a neurologist who after accessing my MRI discovered that I needed urgent surgery on my spine as I had blown out a disc (L5 S1). I spent the next 3 months from hospital to rehab and finally at home allowing my back to heal and recover from surgery. I was given various exercises at rehab which helped but getting in contact with Nick and his team was the best thing I ever did. I was starting from scratch.

The exercises that I was given at rehab were great but all they did was give me a starting block for the No Regrets team to build on. I was amazed after my first meeting with Nick how out of line my body was. They concentrated on correcting my posture and the way I positioned my body through everyday life and through training. I lost about 5kg in weight mostly on my legs so focusing on strengthening my legs for stability has been a major factor to my rehabilitation. I came so close to permanently having a limp, but with patience following there training advice at home and in the gym it has made a world of difference. Five months since I started training I’m not 100% yet but my strength and stability has improved immensely. The training program is great with the guys pushing me to my limits. A big thank you to Nick, Mel, Nathan & Dylan for there support and guidance."

Frank Valasis - March 2018 Client Of The Month



Mid last year my workplace was promoting a "Wellness Program".  Nick and Mel presented at the information session and a lot of what was said rang true for me.  I guess life is short and the company name really appealed "No Regrets".  So I packed away my insecurities and walked in the door. I continue to be a work in progress but occasionally "Beast Mode" makes an appearance or so I am told, but it is more likely that I'm laying on the floor trying to recover! My strength, flexibility and general fitness have made a marked improvement, my base line was pretty awful! There is a long way to go, but I feel the benefits every day. The team is awesome and never fail to push me to my limits, however they are very understanding and encouraging when I'm not 100%. I am happy to continue the challenge to get this girl moving again!  

Lynette Garrick -  March 2019 Client Of The Month




I first heard about the Lift For Life program about 6-7 years ago but due to work commitments and the fact I that the closest provider at the time was in Hawthorn, I did not follow it up. Fast forward to March 2016, I looked at the Lift For Life website to see if there was a closer provider and found No Regrets Personal Training in Mitcham were a registered provider of Lift For Life and had been running similar courses (Stronger For Longer) for a long time. I phoned and spoke to Mel, who invited me to attend a session. I told her I was about to go on holidays and would contact when I returned. However I procrastinated and did not make the next phone call until 12 months later and had a long conversation with Nick. I told him that my weight was increasing even though I was walking and doing some exercise. Nick explained that I needed to include many other forms of exercise into my program, in particular strength work for the exercises I was doing were not going to produce the results I wanted.

I joined the program in late March 2017, attending twice a week right from the start. I have thoroughly enjoyed the workouts and can see and feel the results. Although my weight has fluctuated I have lost a net of 6kg and much to my surprise muscle definition is improving, so much in fact that my arms and shoulders are better now than when I was in my mid twenties!

I wish to thank the No Regrets team of Mel, Nick, Nathan, Dylan, Elley and Andrew and also my class colleagues for their encouragement and motivation has been pivotal to my success and being able to reach my full potential. If the classes ran three times per week I would attend them all! Not bad for someone who took a while to get started. I never thought I would like it so much.

If you are someone not sure you can do it, I will leave you with this. I am

  • Over 70
  • Quad cardiac arterial bypass
  • Two cardiac arterial stents
  • Type 2 diabetic

But still in front of you!

Brian Scully - November 2018 Client Of The Month





I started at no regrets after injuring my back. i went to the physio and worked hard to regain my life. I then re-injured slightly. the physio recommended that I go to no regrets to improve my strength and help in not injuring my back for a 3rd time. it has now been 12 months. I started with just attending the core strength building group classes on a wed and have seen progress in my strength and abilities and now attend the Monday night group classes also. the team are amazing and supportive and know you by name and what your weaknesses are and help you strengthen them so that you can be the best you! I am so glad I started. One ED trip for a sore back is one too many. I don't want to end up there again! Thanks guys!!!

Becky Pratt









"My Personal Training journey began about 12 months ago. I had been diagnosed with a neuritis of my right shoulder. This problem was complex and caused severe pain and numbness from my shoulder to my hand. I was given very little advice on how to manage this problem but I knew that I needed to regain strength and movement in this arm to avoid ongoing issues. I had always enjoyed keeping fit and had experience with Personal trainers but I was reluctant to go to any gym where the staff may not have been familiar with my complex problem.

I had seen an advertisement for ‘No Regrets’ Personal training  with the focus being on Rehabilitation. On meeting Nick and his specialised PT staff, I realised I had chosen the right place and  was very confident that I was in capable hands. Over the months that followed I was gradually building up my strength, confidence and determination with the specialised guidance and patience of the staff at ‘No Regrets’ especially Nathan. Unfortunately all this hard work was undone when I had a fall and injured my Right shoulder and Rotator cuff. I felt like I was back to where I started. Over the past 5 months I have been working with Nathan again doing gentle strengthening exercises to prevent a permanent frozen shoulder. My recovery has been slow, full of ups and downs (mostly ups) but also very positive.

As a Nurse I understand the importance of exercise and keeping fit and healthy to be such an important part of life. We tend to take this for granted but when it is taken away from us due to injury or illness it really hits home.

I am determined to continue on this journey and can see the positive improvements in my day to day life.  Personal training helps to keep me focused, stay positive and know that I am taking control of my health issues, with the assistance, encouragement and fun training environment that is provided by the staff at ‘No regrets’."

Jane Gurrie - October 2018 Client Of The Month






“About eighteen months ago I was looking to join an exercise group as, other than walking, I felt my body was lacking strength and walking was not enough.  My daughter Libby, also a client of No Regrets, suggested that I might enjoy the class called Stronger for Longer for older adults.  At first I was quite nervous taking that step and for the first few weeks after the class I was very stiff and sore as my muscles began to ‘wake up’ and get moving. 

Now, a year and a half later, I’m feeling the incredible benefits of the classes in my strength, balance and overall well being.  I can even see biceps!!  Apart from the physical benefits my class mates are a lot of fun and we share a good laugh as we complain about all the squats and lunges and urge one another along!  I am very optimistic that the classes will enable me to remain strong through the senior years.”

Lynn Blake - September 2018 Client Of The Month







"I started at No Regrets almost a year ago after having my second baby.  I was feeling unfit and experiencing chronic pain. Then my father passed away and I decided it was time to focus on my health and happiness. I took up running to try and improve my cardio, shorty after I started PT and under the tutelage of all the trainers I have taken about 6.5 minutes off my 5km time.  I am feeling stronger, fitter, faster and happier and hope that I am setting a good example for my children. Thanks everyone at No Regrets."

Allison Whitbread - August 2018 Client Of The Month







"With our 25th anniversary approaching and middle age taking hold, I decided it was time to do something. After months of looking at a No Regrets poster at the physio I took the plunge and made the call. I am so glad I did. The initial assessment with Nick was a mortifying eye opener. We walk the dog daily and swam and cycled weekly so thought we were doing OK.  How wrong we were! In 30 minutes Nick found so many areas that needed attention. We knew we had some weaknesses but didn’t appreciate the implications as we get older.

In just 9 months we have made noticeable improvements in posture, balance, flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Yep, pretty much everything! Although far from ‘gym junkies’, the atmosphere generated by all the staff and other clients at No Regrets makes training almost a pleasure - almost.

We still have work to do but we are well on our way. Thanks No Regrets."

Jacqui & Tony Furr - July 2018 Client Of The Month








"When some health issues resulted in me gaining 15kg and my confidence hitting an all time low. I decided I wanted to join a gym… but finding the confidence to actually do it was a different story.

I have never been a sporty, athletic person. In fact, my 50yo high school sports teacher once told me she would be wheeling me around in a wheelchair one day if I didn’t “get my hands out of my pockets and move”.  My lack of experience (and generally awkward nature…) meant that I always felt too intimidated and uncomfortable at the large chain gyms in my area.

Needless to say, I was very nervous walking into No Regrets for the first time. Fortunately for me however, No Regrets is much more than your standard gym. My anxiety was quickly eased by a warm welcome, a discussion with Nick, and an opportunity to see the diverse clients training there. I started PT the very next day!

Since starting at No Regrets I have gained confidence and knowledge, toned up muscles I didn’t know existed, and – probably most importantly for my nursing career – improved my strength. I will never forget when, 3 months into my training, I went to turn an immobile 150kg patient at work. She looked at me and said “you and what army”. I rolled her over with ease and she quickly informed me that I am much stronger than I look.  

Thanks Nick, Mel, Nathan, Dylan, Elley, and Andrew for all you have done".

Emma Sellers - June 2018 Client Of The Month







"After years of coping with pain I had finally crashed hard in January 2017. I was lost in deep depression and pain that was hard to describe. I spent every waking moment focused on the pain and the disability it was inflicting in my life. Couldn't sit, couldn't run, couldn't lift, couldn't do anything without paralyzing fear. I had tried massage, chiropractor, osteo etc. I was all out of options and truly lost and hopeless. Finally I came across the No Regrets testimony page and after reading some of the stories I decided to drop in and have a chat to Nick. Straight away everything he was telling me made sense, I had put my trust in so many heath professionals however so i was naturally a little pessimistic that what he was talking about could actually fix me. The pain I was experiencing in my neck was so strange that I felt no one could possibly understand what it was or how to fix it, I had been convinced it was a herniated disc, or a bulging disc, or maybe even a dodgy spine that would inevitably cause tremendous pain for the rest of my life. 

After 3 months of hard work and listening to the team at No Regrets, I was finally experiencing a reduction in pain and had regained hope.

Fast forward 2 more months and here I am now, doing Jiu Jitsu again, sitting for hours again, running again, doing whatever I want! The pain no longer rules my life. It's not until now, 5 months later that I realize that what really saved my life was the fact that the team at No Regrets were not entirely responsible for fixing me, they were teaching me how to regain my freedom myself. They simply showed me what I needed to do and the rest was up to me. I had to to lift the weights, I had to put in the hard work. Thank you Nick and Nathan for showing me there wasn't anything wrong with me that I couldn't fix with time and hard work. You have given me hope that has truly saved my life.

If you're reading this and you're in pain right now, you have come to the right place. The team at No Regrets will change your life."

Christian Haider - August 2017 Client Of The Month






"I used to have a love for sport and exercise during my teenage years, but as the pressure of university increased, I found myself neglecting to take the time. The gyms I joined were large chain gyms, and I found them intimidating and impersonal. The focus always seemed to be on how to lose weight quickly, whereas my goal was just to feel stronger and healthier. I’m glad I found No Regrets. It’s such a friendly and positive environment, and the staff take the time to personalize your training and make sure you’re doing things the right way. I feel so much stronger and am really happy with my progress." - Lauren Hanegraf

"As a mum of three now adult children, and working full time in a city based office job, I used to tell myself I’d get back to the gym “one of these days”, but never found the time. My daughter Lauren had other ideas, and dragged me along to join her in personal training sessions at No Regrets. Initially I was apprehensive, but the team at No Regrets made me feel welcome and at ease. Lauren and I have now been attending twice weekly sessions for 2 years, and I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall fitness, strength and balance. Over this time we’ve worked with Dylan and Nathan, both of whom have made each and every session enjoyable. Although there are times where I still reluctantly drag myself along, I always leave feeling better, if not a little sore in muscles I did not realise I had.  Thanks to all the team at No Regrets for everything." - Sharon Hanegraf

Lauren & Sharon Hanegraf







"During the time I have been training at No Regrets, I have noticed several things have changed about me. I didn’t really exercise very much prior to changing roles with the company I work for; I seemed to be able to maintain good strength and stable weight with the physically demanding work. Nowadays, my job involves little or no physical activity so, after my wife, Megan, joined No Regrets and showed that she was feeling better as well as improving her strength, I decided to see what improvement could be made for me. As an arthritis sufferer, I was apprehensive because, if I ever exerted myself too much, I would typically end up in severe pain and unable to do much at all for long periods, therefore, undoing any benefits that might have been gained. The professional crew of trainers have taken my condition on board and tailored effective exercises and strength training to suit. Now, I have increased energy, strength and flexibility. I actually take less pain management medications and am proud of my achievements. Thanks for everything, everyone at No Regrets does to help me."

Matt Daniels - April 2018 Client Of The Month






"A long term love of being active began to be hampered in my late teens and early twenties when I experienced a shoulder dislocation 7times in 3 years and was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. Sport, even recreationally, consequently became out of the question. Then, in my late 30s, I had botched bunion “correction” (a term used loosely) surgery, which has forever impacted what I, or specifically my right foot, can do. Most recently,in the last 5 years and,yes,in a new decade,I experienced another shoulder dislocation (after 18 years!), an arm/shoulder injury,which essentially resulted in a frozen shoulder and,not to be left out(pardon the pun),left foot bunion problems.So,similar to a lot of us, I have had some issues! Not to be completely discouraged,as soon as I had enough range of movement in the now unfrozen shoulder, I sought out more specialist personal training than I have had in the past. Whilst I initially looked forward to “being smashed” in order to help me lose a couple (give or take 5 ish) of pesky kgs, in my 14 months of training at No Regrets, I have accepted, albeit reluctantly, that it is far more important to have someone train you to move in ways your body should move and to focus on areas where improvement is needed. I currently have a love hate relationship with training at No Regrets. I love that I am stronger. I love that I can see and feel the improvement. I love that I have become more confident with movement that used to cause me anxiety. And, I love that Nathan knows what I am capable of better than what I think. I just hate that the above has required use of the spikey mat, wobble board, renegade rows, the ropes AND THE ROWER…. to name just a few! Oh, and even though there has not been one burpee in 14 months, I often feel I am “being smashed”! Thanks guys!."

Leonie Crewther - February 2018 Client Of The Month





My fitness journey began this year, fresh out of high school with very little idea of what I would like to do with my life or where my life was going. One day my father practically dragged me along to a session with Nick which I had no idea would completely change my life for the better. Nick asked me questions on what I’d like to achieve, what my goals are, how “fit” I think am etc. At that point in time my main goal was to not be a couch potato for the rest of my life. 

These questions made me think hard on my fitness and where I was going with my health, I didn’t care about what I was eating, how much water I drank or how much exercise I did. I quickly learned over a few PT sessions that my overall fitness was very weak and I would struggle to make is through a set without having to lay down or take a 5-minute breather.

Since then I am controlling my breathing which comes in handy for my heavy weight sessions (105kg Dead lift or 22.5 kg Pull overs) eating healthier foods at smaller portions more regularly, drinking 2 Liters plus of water daily and walking or exercising mostly every day. 

I have learned over this past year that your weight doesn’t define you as a person, it’s how I see myself and how I feel about myself that makes me a better and more positive me. I have learned to manage my sugary cravings and my longing for naps and I find that not only that but this journey hasn’t only changed my physical self but has massively changed and altered my mental self. I find myself more energetic, happy and all round feeling better. Which is a massive achievement for myself.

Over this past year, I can’t thank the No Regrets team enough for the huge amounts of support and ongoing tips they have provided me on my new pathway to help me create a stronger and healthier me. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to completely change my mind set, diet/eating habits and motivation. I really appreciate the effort they all put in to help me in bettering myself, I couldn’t have done it without them!

Aymie Vick - December 2017 Client Of The Month







"My husband had been to No Regrets as part of his rehab program after shoulder surgery and highly recommended the team. I joined No Regrets at the start of the year with the main goal to become stronger. On & off over the years I have joined gyms, however left to my own devices I soon start to wane, get bored & don't see results. I had always hated exercises like push ups and chin ups as they kept hurting my neck and I never felt very strong in my upper body. Learning techniques, posture, how to breathe are all things I knew nothing about and no wonder I kept hurting myself. I can honestly say I am now the strongest and fittest I have ever been and have more energy than when I was in my 20s! I even don't mind push ups! It has proven to be a great outlet as part of my "self care" as my job is demanding. It's such a welcoming and friendly environment and exactly what I needed. Thank you to the entire team at No Regrets but particularly Dylan who keeps me challenged each week and pushes me to get every little bit of strength out of me. Without the guidance I would not have ever been able to get this fit!."

Libby Blake - November 2017 Client Of The Month







I first met Nick over a year ago when he came to see me at work to explain the benefit of No Regrets for the cancer patients at our Hospital.  I was impressed at his passion and care for improving the fatigue management of cancer patients following chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  In fact, I thought that maybe the programs on offer could benefit me!  As the General Manager at a private hospital, I spend a lot of time in at my desk.  I was having constant headaches and just feeling generally unfit and unwell.  Soon after our first meeting, I called Nick and started my journey with the No Regrets team. 

The headaches have gone, I am feeling better than ever before.  I feel stronger and my health overall has benefited enormously. I enjoy all my sessions, although there are a few exercises that I would rather not do.  Nathan pushes me to achieve over and above the previous session and I have him to thank for where I am today.  Thank you to everyone at No regrets – Nick, Mel, Dylan and Ellie.

I am looking forward to another year of becoming even fitter and stronger.

Megan Mills - October 2017 Client Of The Month






"Weight has been a lifelong battle for me, I have tried so many different diets in the hope it would be the miracle weight loss wonder I was looking for. I’ve been to various personal trainers, gyms and exercise classes but ended up with inexperienced guidance and injuries, the worst for me was tearing my quad. So as you can imagine I became very cynical about the fitness and weight loss industry. I felt I was not getting the help I needed or the results I wanted. The roller coaster ride of eating the wrong foods, not eating enough, eating too much, binging, getting injured, not losing weight, beating myself up and feeling miserable broke me. I ended up down a dark path of giving up on myself, not caring about what I ate or if I exercised...... Big MISTAKE!!!

Putting on more weight, not wanting to leave the house all made life difficult. I knew I needed help but I was so scared of trying again and failing. I was looking into various methods including surgery, but after a lucky Google search and the best decision of my life, September last year I started training at No Regrets.

From my first meeting with Nick and Mel to my first training day, I have felt supported, welcomed and in safe hands with the team and my amazing trainers Elley and Nathan. Elley motivates me with such a variety of exercises and supports me in every fitness test to be the best I can. Nathan always answers my questions in a way that I just get and I believe he has been instrumental in helping me with my diet anxiety and embracing my new way of life. He’s the technique master and has introduced me to the “Trap Bar,” which I have taken quite a liking too. It has been an exercise that I could feel the benefits from quickly and I’ve found if you add some 80’s rock to your set you’ll have no worries lifting that bad boy!

I have learnt so many amazing things: how to breathe which has improved my asthma, how to train to become stronger, how to eat and stay hydrated to get the most out of my body and training, staying consistent and to accept that what I see on the scales isn’t the whole story. Using measurements instead of scales has helped me accept that I am getting results and I am aware of getting more done in a session and feeling healthy changes to my body inside and out.

I have a long way to go, but with No Regrets I know I’ll do it and finally get the health and results I’ve always wanted. I cannot thank the NRPT team enough; they truly are the best and help change people’s lives for the better."

Tarsh Siwek - September 2017 Client Of The Month




"When I was around 16 years old I was really into going to the gym. I'd go 6 days a week with my mates and always reach new heights in strength and muscle size. One day when I came home from gym I felt numbness in my face and I could barely walk. I didn't think it was anything serious, as my mates and I would joke about it after a heavy gym session. Then, a few months before my 18th birthday I was diagnosed with MS and the specialists said it was an unknown cause. From then on I was getting medicated for my condition as the neuro-specialists were saying it was the best thing for MS, however, I felt it was making things worse. I was losing mobility in my legs and losing some strength in my arms, then, about 7 years later I couldn't walk. From then on I have been doing some rehabilitation with occupational therapists and physio's who have helped me gain function with certain tasks and getting around places in everyday life, although, there were some stages where I felt like I wasn't getting pushed hard enough, having my typical gym mentality haha.

Now that I have found No Regrets I feel like I am getting pushed to my limits. Since I have been here I have had two operations on my toe that they had to take the toenail off from the ongoing MS symptoms, however, that isn't stopping me from trying to get back into things that I need my toes to help me walk and work my leg shard. Nathan has been getting me to walk with my walking frames, doing squats up and down the chair holding on sticks instead of using the frame, and now to the point of standing up without holding on! (see picture)

I wish I would have found these guys earlier as I feel like I am getting closer to achieving my goal to being able to walk again. "

Steven Nikolovski - July 2017 Client Of The Month






"In January 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Having been a pretty active, healthy person up to this point in my life, being confronted with this diagnosis was a massive kick in the guts.  After two surgeries and during the first few months of chemotherapy treatment, my exercise regime consisted entirely of walking which was the recommended exercise at the time.  I felt I needed something more to go head to head with this disease.

In May I watched a Catalyst program about ‘exercise and cancer’, which focussed on how exercise under professional supervision, before, during or after treatment, seems to improve patient’s odds.   Catalyst met with cancer patients experiencing huge benefits from exercise programs run by exercise physiologists, and so the search began, for an exercise physiologist in my area.  As fate has it, shortly after the Catalyst program No Regrets published an article in the local newspaper about its ‘Lift for Life’ group class, tailored specifically for cancer patients.  Unfortunately, the class was not at a suitable time for me but Nick suggested I try the ‘Core & Stability’ group class with Elley, which I did and - The rest is history!

My exercise goal for the year was to take part in the Peter MacCallum ‘One day to conquer cancer’ 25 km walk in October.  Still receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I added PT sessions with Nathan to help prepare me for the walk, which I managed to complete in 5 hours, pain and injury free.  Previous long walks have ended with me having to take the following day off work to recover but not this time.  Needless to say, the PT sessions have continued and I have added the Monday morning circuit training – Nathan must be getting sick of seeing me.

I have recently finished all of my cancer treatments and my goal for this year is to get healthier and fitter, and to conquer the Bulgarian and Balance board.  Nathan is helping me with my nutrition as well, and I am feeling healthier, stronger and fitter.  I can’t rave enough about No Regrets to people. I have learnt so much about my own body and how important functional movement is and the part nutrition plays amongst it all.  I can’t thank Elley, Nathan and the rest of the team enough for everything they have done to help me over the past twelve months."

Kerryn Shacklock - June 2017 Client Of The Month






"If you can call it a midlife crisis then it’s not a bad one to have but I decided through a chance meeting to take up hockey at the age of 40. Starting in Vets I was then roped in to fill in for Seniors and now 6 years later currently still play in our Premier League Reserves side and have represented my State and Country in Masters  National and World Cups. If it wasn’t for my training with the crew at No Regrets I don’t think I would be able to keep up with the demands of matching it with girls I am often 25 to 30 years their senior, particularly as I play through the midfield.

Hockey is very one sided dominant and a lot of running in a bent over position so I found I was getting hip and lower back pain along with soft tissue injuries. The sport specific program I do with Nathan gives me rotational core stability, balances out both sides and the agility and explosive strength work is tailored to what movements occur during a game which has definitely improved my evasive change of direction skills and speed away from a contest. I also believe this is the reason I have been able to remain uninjured since working with them. For anyone wanting to take their sport to the next level and reduce their likelihood of injury I highly recommend a sport specific tailored program. Plus it’s a lot of fun!"

Kym Gaffney - May 2017 Client Of The Month






 "I came to No Regrets Personal Training in August last year seeking a remedy for chronic respiratory issues that in the past included asthma, repeated bouts of pneumonia and regular debilitating chest infections that had led to a decline in my fitness to the point where one day, while doing some cleaning at floor level, I was unable to get up without assistance! I realized that my overall health had been in decline especially during the past decade. That set off alarm bells for what my future may hold, given that I was shortly to turn 65 years old. The first thing that Elley and Nathan addressed was my poor breathing technique, followed by attention to my posture, strength and balance.

I have improved in respect to all of the above substantially, have taken off some weight which was one of my goals (more to go), have much more energy and motivation. Importantly, I have only had one chest infection (which cleared up significantly faster than usual) since I commenced training at No Regrets. Attending No Regrets and having the support of everyone there, Elley, Nathan, Mel, Nick and Dylan has been one the best things I have ever done for myself. I look forward to my twice weekly PT sessions and have recently added a core training group session to my weekly agenda."

Gayle Shacklock - April 2017 Client Of The Month





"I first came to No Regrets in 2014, it’s recommended by my golf coach to treat my left hip problem. It’s an injury occurred during my gym sessions in University back in 2010. At the start, everything seems so hard. It’s almost impossible to finish all the sets Nick want me to perform without feeling dizzy. As time goes by, thing started to get a little easier and my hip became better. One year ago, I am starting to take this training seriously as part of my healthy life routine. At the start, I talked to Nathan about my plan, and we realize only fitness training is no enough. It takes sleep, cardio, healthy food, no-sugar drinks to make your body healthy again. For one year, my weight drops from 73kg to 63kg, with my strength and muscle size increase significantly.

Below is my routine for the last year, hopefully it helps you guys to build your own routine. Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk, breads and long black coffee Lunch: Porterhouse steak, Chicken or canned Tuna with rice (basically protein) Dinner: Paste, Basa Fish and Veggie, Salmon steak, lamb. Snack: Nuts, Fruits, beef jerky, protein shake. Exercise: walk my dogs 5km 5 times per week, two PT sessions plus two home programs per week. I did play golf from time to time, so it will be average 2 rounds of golf per week. Tips: Get enough sleep, no sugar drinks & eat more protein and whole food, lastly add some cardio to complement the weights. I feel it’s not that hard to make the right food choice once you know what you body need. However, it’s hard to stick to the new routine without get back to the old one. For me, this is not a one year lose fat, gain muscle program. It’s my new life style. I believe it will keep my body healthy and pain free in the coming decades.

I want to say thank you to all No Regrets team members who trained me: Nick, Mel, Nathan, Dylan. Without you guys, I will never be able to push myself harder in those 30min sessions. Keep up the good work! "

Steven Su - March 2017 Client Of The Month




‘Shift Happens’!

"2016 was certainly a tough year for me; I had health goals I wanted to achieve and a small routine that I sporadically followed, but was lacking direction and motivation. Like most things in life, the beginning of any change is a tough one. I procrastinated for a while and then, our good friend, Google, came to my rescue. One day I was doing some random researching and came across ‘No Regrets’. That first phone call to Nick at ‘No Regrets’ was the best action I could have taken. That was the beginning of the new me!

The last six months have not been easy with some challenges along the way. But through all this, the team at No Regrets were there for me. With  their guidance, support, flexibility and professional coaching, I am now achieving my goals. I am now stronger physically and mentally; I have so much more energy; I have muscle tone that I thought I would never achieve (yeah!) and my overall fitness continues to build … and there is more! My ongoing back and neck pain has almost entirely disappeared.  No Regret’s  holistic and personalized approach to my recovery has absolutely  been instrumental to my progress.

The ‘shifts’ in my life that I was struggling to achieve by myself are now beginning to materialise. It just goes to show that with the right guidance and support, shift really does happen!

My sincere thanks to Elley, Dylan, Nathan, Mel and Nick for their incredible support and encouragement not to mention their incredible knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Having them there to motivate me (whilst still having fun - I absolutely love boxing!) has been the difference between starting something and giving up after a couple of months and changing my lifestyle permanently!"

Aggie Kost - February 2017 Client Of The Month







"My journey started some 18 months ago. After a couple of years of trying to find a cause for my back pain,  the doctors found that I had a 65mm long tumour growing inside my spinal cord between T4 – T7 vertebrae. I never would have expected anything like that! Doing nothing was not an option, so I was booked in and had the tumour surgically removed. Doctors did say there was a chance of paraplegia, but I thought that would never happen to me. “Lucky Frank” ! The tumour was benign, but it did leave me numb from the waist down and with no motor function in my left leg and impaired sensory function in both legs. I had never been in a wheelchair before but soon mastered it, as it was the only way I could get around. I spent hours just doing laps of my ward at Cabrini. Determined to regain some sort of mobility.

I then proceeded to endure a couple of months in Rehab at Caulfield Hospital. Great staff and facilities, but the accommodation and food are a good reason to get well as soon as possible and get the hell out of there. I was doing rehab at the Angliss when my wife asked me to consider coming down to No Regrets. Nella was doing the cancer patients program and was really loving her time with Elley and the crew. She told me about some of the different people that No Regrets had worked with, and how they had some amazing results. I came on down and had a chat with Nick and have never looked back. I have gone from barely being able to struggle from the street into the Gym, to now being able get around the garden, mow the lawn, wash the car and do all those things we take for granted when you are able bodied. Although still reliant on my faithful crutch, I am moving with some confidence and a lot more stability than months gone by. With the structured exercise programs developing core and targeted areas, we have been working towards getting up and down stairs, up and down off the ground, bending , stretching, and all movements which are part of every day life. Challenging the body to re learn and find new ways of getting these legs working again

Elley and Dylan are always encouraging and supporting me, and with Nick Nathan and Mel all putting their two bobs worth in, how can you go wrong? There is a wealth of knowledge and experience there, and they always have the day’s workout prepared and ready for me. It was pretty sedate in the past, but as I improve, the buggers are starting to make me sweat!!

I have found it a great environment to be in at No Regrets, and find encouragement from fellow clients like Dave and Laurie a great help to make sure you never miss a session. No excuses , No Regrets!

I have heard about good personal trainers, but I think this place is pretty special.

Thanks No Regrets".

Frank Cannizzo - December 2016 Client Of The Month





"For some time I had been experiencing butt pain which was particularly severe when I drove my car. On top of this I had other issues but worst of all I was feeling very sluggish every time I rode my bike. Eventually I turned to Doctor Google and after some research concluded I had piriformis syndrome as did last months client of the month, in my case probably caused by years of driving with my wallet in my back pocket. I needed treatment and once again turned to google where after a refined search I was led to No Regrets gym in Mitcham, how good was that, I live in Blackburn. I had a chat with Nick who knew all about piriformis and he laid out an exercise program which he claimed would clear the pain but not be a cure, I believe there is no cure. I decided to go to the Stronger For Longer classes twice a week just to see if that helped. Within weeks my butt pain had gone but there were added benefits, I was fitter and stronger, I had more flexibility and was able to touch my toes something I haven’t done in a long time, I was flying on my bike and although I hadn’t lost any weight I was fitting into suits I hadn’t worn for years. Our instructors Elley and Dylan throw in a lot of variety which keep the workouts interesting and fun. Both understand our individual weaknesses and strengths and are able to run balanced sessions, but if I want extra laughs I just tune into the Thursday morning ladies – their chat is often hilarious! More recently I had scans on my hips and was advised I had significant arthritis. I asked the Doc what he was going to do about it and he said, “Nothing”, “Just take a pain killer if you are in pain but keep going to the gym, it’s the only thing that will help". I am now a gym junkie whether I like it or not!"

Roger Sowerby - November 2016 Client Of The Month





"Four years ago I was faced with unexplained and debilitating hip pain. Never being one willing to suffer, I commenced searching for help. It seemed to me that I always had the condition in which the particular practitioner was specializing in. My gut feeling was, that if these conditions were correct why was I not healing?As a final straw I went to Queensland to a highly recommended doctor for some treatment. This was a positive yet expensive move, the doctor informed me that I had issues with my Piriformis, my what??? Never heard of this before, but apparently, this was my problem. I trusted this guy, especially as it was the first time in 4 years that I was pain free. I was told however, that I needed to strengthen my hip area in order to heal completely, but who do I trust? History spoke for itself. My faith was, at this stage non-existent but I had to do something. A future life of pain was not a consideration. For weeks I researched as to where I could get some help. Hitting a brick wall with every effort, my morale was low. One day I decided to research my condition on YouTube. I came across this trainer with an Australian accent (what a refreshing change) and I watched his video on piriformis. I did the stretches he recommended and I felt relief. This was enough for me to seek action. I sent Nick an email that day hoping that I might hear from him in about a week or so. To my amazement Nick called that day and the rest is history. I have been coming to No regrets for about 12monthsnow, my strength has improved dramatically. The Piriformis does flare up at times but not as often and certainly not as long as before. The main point is that I trust Nick and Nathan completely. If I am in pain, they will target the stretches I need for relief and I always feel better after a session. The future looks positive now and I have the No Regrets staff to thank for that. A truly unique gym with great staff."

Sue Tutic - October 2016 Client Of The Month





"Having always been active with sport and work, my whole life changed in 2013 when I ruptured two discs in my lower back two weeks after the arrival of our third child. I was diagnosed with Cauda Equina syndrome a rare condition which left me without feeling in both of my legs and the loss of function of my bowel and bladder.  I was rushed into hospital for spinal surgery and was relieved to get use of my functions again, however I was left with permanent nerve damage in my upper legs and spent 8 weeks on the couch re acquainting myself with daytime telly, building a new house remotely and trying unsuccessfully to help my wife with the three kids. Given little to no advice from my surgeon except " don't lift anything over five kilograms and don't do sit-ups" I set out to get things right again. 

For the next 18 to 24 months I spent a lot of time in the pool walking laps and doing simple exercises given to me by my osteopath. Slowly I was getting a little better however I was developing bad postural habits as I was always trying to protect myself from re injury.  Then in April 2015 a chance meeting in a local cafe between my wife and my long time friend Nick Jack saw me heading to No Regrets for my initial assessment. Having played basketball with Nick from under fourteens, training with him at the start of his personal training career and experiencing his enthusiasm. I had confidence in Nicks new Holistic approach to my problems.  Straight away I felt like I was on the right path although getting the balance right was the key to me getting better. What used to be simple tasks now frustrated the hell out of me and sometimes "flared up" the nerve damage in my legs.I trained with Nick for about seven months experimenting with different movements and exercises and couldn't believe that I was lifting weight,throwing medicine balls and even boxing again. Nick slowly but surely passed the reigns over to Elley and Nathan and I now enjoy doing a session with each of them during the week. I still have bad days and flare ups in my legs however they are getting further apart and my overall fitness and strength is better.  The great thing is Nathan and Elley are experienced enough to change our sessions depending on how I'm feeling. Thanks to the No Regrets team I now feel confident to do some of the things I used to enjoy like playing golf, fishing and working ( sad I know.. I used to enjoy work). Most importantly I am able to play with my kids and my outlook for dealing with my injuries is much more positive. Thanks again."

Brad Sisson - Client Of The Month April 2016





"I started at No Regrets in April 2015 after I had broken my ankle in a quad bike accident. At first I wasn't so keen to join a gym as previously when I joined one, they were either too close to a charcoal chicken, or no one was there to motivate me, leaving me persuading myself one more night of chips and gravy and then it's serious time. Ha Ha!! My partner Marty has been with No Regrets for sometime now and I started doing Personal Training with him twice a week, from the moment I started I learned so many things that I had not
even heard about. The entire team helps me each session but it's not just about the motivation , I love that they still monitor and correct my technique each time that I attend, personalizing the session to my needs. They are all very knowledgeable and friendly and love that each of them challenge me each time and even know me well enough to not put up with my procrastinating ways of getting out or biding time to avoid doing an exercise, especially you Nathan, you just know!! I am due to get married in 4 weeks so achieving "Client of the Month"has given me extra motivation to work hard to be toned and bride ready. I know the team at No Regrets have been trying to help me with giving up smoking and have got me in a good mindset to take steps towards flicking the cigarettes, I'm certain that I'll be a classy bride without a smoke in my hand for my wedding. I would not hesitate recommending the team at No Regrets to anyone, thanks for your support and I look forward continuing my fitness journey with the team."

Dani Pepyat - Client Of  The Month September 2016




I made a decision at the end of last year to finally make a change to my lifestyle regarding health and fitness.  The last five years were taken up of building my business and building my own home.  Even though my business did grow, I found myself sitting at a desk for 10hrs a day with hardly any movement.  This led to a growing waist and always feeling lethargic.  Things had to change. Like most Testimonials I have read at "No Regrets" I too had tried other Personal Trainers but had found the experience mundane and didn't really click with previous trainers. So December 2015, I searched the area around my work/office and came across the "No Regrets" website.  Next thing I knew, I was sitting down with Nick for a one on one meeting, and decided to joined up there and then. Since Day 1 the whole team at "No Regrets" have made me feel welcome and they have made the whole experience enjoyable, compared with other places I have been in the past which has been quite clinical.  I was paired up with Dylan and we have been a team ever since.  Dylan is a fantastic trainer and has been a wealth of knowledge through his experience of playing top grade VFL football and his overall interest in Fitness. In the past I normally end up finding very lame excuses or last about 6 weeks before I lose interest in Training.  But here I am writing this in Mid August, 10 months in and still going strong.  Since joining up my fitness is an all time high at 36 years of age.  I have recently completed the 10km Run Melbourne last month and have booked in for another 10km in September, which would not have been happening without the help and guidance of the team of "No Regrets".

Ryan Parris - August 2016 Client Of The Month





"NO REGRETS so aptly sums up my experience over the past 10months. My motivation to attend came from a number of sources? being absolutely fed up with trying to find remedies to constant pain, my first grandchild and becoming an empty nester. I was grossly unfit and so unbalanced across my body from30 years of seated jobs that I needed to start with rehab exercises to get my body used to working correctly without aggravating the pain. Throughout my life I've done gyms, aerobics, walking dogs, even water aerobics when plantar fasciitis and menopause hot flashes stopped me in my tracks. The entire staff are exceptionally professional, thorough, supportive and considerate of each individuals needs and down right awesome to work with. Every session has been hard work and enjoyable at the same time. Like everyone else I have my favorite exercises (boxing, wood chops, push pulls) and also dreaded ones (crab walks and walking lunges with weights) but I have come to enjoy and look forward to every challenge the team comes up with. Bring it on! I put my results down to determination and consistency week in week out, hot or freezing cold. Being encouraged to take my fitness, strength and capabilities to levels I could not even imagine such a short time ago. No-one should ever under-estimate the human body's capabilities to heal given the correct workouts and nutrition (for you personally) that makes anything possible. I still have plenty of room for improvement and look forward to the new challenges ahead, making this journey so worthwhile. Give it ago, you wont regret it."

Sharon Larsen - July 2016 Client Of The Month




"10 years ago after a nasty accident of falling off a ladder & smashing my heel bone to many pieces I ended up in hospital for 2months& also caught a nasty staph infection which meant over a year of medication & recuperation at home for 7months. When I eventually returned to work which was my own business and standing on concrete all day I decided to retire as I couldn't manage as I was previously. I have been walking & exercising myself over the last few years but found I wasn't coping as well with my injury as I hoped I would. After having my foot massaged & worked on at Body Motion in Mitcham they suggested I try No Regrets Personal Training as they may be able to help me with my fitness & injury. I was grateful for the information as I was looking for something extra with my fitness but I wasn't looking for a gym with a lot of people & felt I needed one on one help which I have found invaluable. I have taken on a building project this year which has meant a great deal of manual work which I wouldn't normally be doing and I am sure that if I hadn't been doing my training these last 6months I would not have been up to the challenge both physically & mentally. I am now riding my bike to training twice a week as well as walking 6 kms with friends twice a week then walking my dog the other days. I feel healthier & more energetic than I have for many years & I am very pleased I found No Regrets."

Joe Chivers



"For my 70th birthday a few years ago my son gave me some sessions at No Regrets, with the aim of improving my strength for bush walking and cycling, especially on hilly terrain.  I was impressed with the way individual needs were met through these sessions. In April 2015 No Regrets launched their Stronger for Longer group training program for Older Adults.  After attending the introductory session John, my husband, and I saw the value of participating in this program which we have now been attending for a year. Within the Stronger for Longer group sessions, the trainer assists us to improve our areas of weakness or specific needs.  For John, it was balance and flexibility that needed attention.  For me, it was dealing with a hip problem which was, by this stage, restricting my bush walking and cycling. Over the course of the year, John has developed confidence with the activities targeting balance and is delighted with his progress.  Regular training has strengthened my glutes and other muscles around the hip and I have been able to enjoy my bush walking and cycling more as a result. One never knows when the training will be of benefit.  Just recently I have had an inner ear infection and of course, inner ear problems affect balance.  I always thought my balance was pretty reasonable for my age, but I’m sure if I had not experienced the added work on balance which is an important part of all the sessions, I would not have coped so well with my inner ear problems. So one year down the track and we can say a big thank you to Nick for setting up the program and to Elley and Dylan for their knowledge, skill and dedication to improving the quality of our lives.  If you are a younger person reading this, perhaps you could recommend the program to your parents!  We have certainly found it worthwhile."

Margaret Cosstick






"I had been talking about getting back to the gym for three years and I just knew a general gym environment wasn’t for me.  I knew if I signed up I would manage to find all of the excuses under the sun not to go…”Oh it’s too hot”…. “oh it’s too cold”…”I’m tired, I will go tomorrow”. I was really lacking motivation and needed steering in the right direction with diet and exercise.  I finally made the decision to Google “personal trainers Mitcham”.  Meeting Nick and signing up for PT at No Regrets was the best decision I made. Having just turned 40 with two young kids I knew now was the right time to stop talking about it and actually do something to get me motivated and in better health mentally and physically not only for myself but also for my family.  I remember my first PT session with Nathan, I thought I was either going to vomit or pass out or both!!  With my bad eating habits I hadn’t eaten breakfast before training – big mistake.  I left thinking what have I done, I can’t do this and drove home to lie down!! Making some changes to my eating habits and increasing my water intake was the first step and this was not as hard as I actually thought it would be. Going to a gym can be quite daunting, but I love the jovial, relaxed atmosphere at No Regrets.   I really enjoy the great mix of exercises, it is certainly never dull or boring!  The support and encouragement you receive from all the trainers is amazing. I have not felt this good since I was 20!  So thank you to all the wonderful team at No Regrets!"

Renee Duscher - January 2016 Client Of The Month




"Firstly I’d like to say a big thank-you to the entire team at No Regrets, for making me feel welcomed from day one. I am absolutely flattered to be named, client of the moth.. but it is all thanks to you guys!! So how did I become client of the month? On November 29th 2014 my entire world came crashing down, I tried to get out of bed, after going to sleep with a slight pain in my back and woke up, unable to walk. I was convinced I was paralysed, no matter how much I tried, I could not put one foot, in front of the other. My fiancé tried to pick me up, to take me down the stairs but it hurt to be touched. The tears rolled down my face, not so much for the pain, but more because I had no idea if I would ever walk again. Using the hand-rails on the stairs, I lowered myself onto each step, it took me about 10 minutes to go down 15 steps. It then took another  20minutes for me to shuffle myself 5 meters to the car, grasping my fiancé for support because I felt that my legs would give way any second. We went to the emergency department  and I was told there may be some kind of nerve damage. An MRI confirmed that I had a bulged disk in my lower spine, that was pushing on the nerves and as a result I was in a lot of pain and had reduced feeling in my foot.- the pins and needles drove me insane!
The doctor said I couldn’t exercise and that I may need surgery to ‘cut out’ the bulge! I was told it would never go away, and I may always be in pain. At 23 that’s the last thing I wanted to hear. The next two months were agonising, I couldn’t do any of the things I had always taken for granted, I needed help to get dressed, to get in and out of bed, I couldn’t sleep properly because every time I moved it felt like a knife was being stabbed in my back. I couldn’t sit and have a meal with my family, and standing was limited to just a few minutes. It was like a game of Simon-Says with my back being Simon, an evil dictator that ruled my life! I consider myself to be a very independent person, the fact that I now had to rely on everyone around to do everything for me was devastating.

In February 2015 I decided that I would not let Simon (my back) win. My Mum had to drive me to my first session at No Regrets, as I still couldn’t drive properly. I was excited that I was back in a ‘gym’ environment, but scared at the same time, especially when I saw the stairs! I managed to hobble up the stairs using the trusty rail for support, I sat, rather awkwardly, for a bit, and then had to stand. Although my pain was taking up most of my thoughts, I managed to take in what Nick was saying. His extensive knowledge was amazing, and very reassuring. That day I also met Nathan,  I don’t think I would be where I am today is it wasn’t for him! That day I also learned I didn’t know how to breathe, who would have thought! The fist few sessions were slow, Nathan taught me how to breath properly using my diaphragm, and slowly began some easy exercises- I didn’t like the baby weights, but that’s all I could use! Two months in, I felt  less pain, I could now bend over without any problems, and I wasn’t scared of stairs anymore. Nathan was very cautious, and still today, asks if I feel any pain; but at the same time he knew how much I longed to get back to my big girl weights! Six months later, my sessions at No Regrets are the highlight of my day. I went from not being able to pick up a pen on the floor, to being able to dead- lift 75Kgs, without a problem. Six months ago It took me 15minutes to get down my stairs, today I climbed the No Regrets stairs- two at a time with a 10kg vest on, holding two 8kg kettle bells- that’s 26kgs of extra weight I had to haul up the stairs- but I did it!
Six months ago I couldn’t walk, now Nathan makes me run over 800 meters- I don’t like running so I pray for rain, but at least now I CAN DO IT!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe, how I was six months ago and how I am now. If someone back then, said that in six months I would be even stronger then what I was before the injury, I would have laughed in their face, said it was impossible!
But instead here I am! Lifting heavier weights every sessions, and becoming fitter than I have ever been before. So stuff you Simon- I WIN! I could not have done any of this without the help of the entire team at No Regrets. I know I can never repay them for giving me back my life, but I will endeavor to continue to be stronger, and work harder, as a reflection of everything they do.

Laura Cannistra - May 2015 Client Of The Month





Here is my story, of conquering the giants in my life.
Coping with life's series of unfortunate events, caused me to lose all confidence in myself, feeling lethargic with no motivation. Just to mention 2 of my life's hard knocks.              I was involved in 2 serious car accidents, one at age 6, and the other at age 20. Both times I was a passenger, and both times, I was knocked unconscious. Doctors put my name in medical history, as they couldn't explain why I was still alive. My injuries were so severe, doctors claimed I will not be able to walk again. That I would remain in a wheelchair, like a vegetable, needing to be fed, unable to comprehend, and will definitely be unable to have children. Well I proved them wrong. I have 4 amazing children.
Raising them up as a single mum, with my disability, drained all my energy, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I neglected myself in the process, straining to keep up
 with the basic daily tasks. My children would tell me that I appeared angry and depressed. At age 57, I hated my condition. I looked like someone who suffered a stroke, semi paralyzed on the left side of my body. For years I remained in denial, avoiding to look at myself in the mirror whilst walking, for fear of seeing how bad I look. Finally. someone challenged me to put myself first. I was in tears, and made a wholehearted decision to take on the challenge to improve my health. I believed in miracles and the impossible, but in my circumstances, I had to do my part with the help of a third person. As doctors couldn't help, and physios too expensive, I was determined to find a personal trainer/s to help me. I did my research. Knowing this would be a long term investment for me, attending at least twice a week, I was glad I found "No Regrets" Personal Trainers, not far from my home. Here I am today, after a few months of personal training. I have absolutely no regrets!. I feel more alive than any time in my life. I have taken baby steps, waking up and strengthening the muscles that have remained in the too hard basket for too long. I am accomplishing the impossible with their expertise. What has greatly helped is the encouragement, non judgemental friendly atmosphere. I am so motivated looking forward to my appointment time, that one day I arrived on a Wednesday, convinced it was Thursday(My  No regrets educated me on diet, sleep time, exercise, I am always happy, positive, full of energy. My whole life has changed for good in every area of my life. Thank God!

Rita Ioannou




Here is some great feedback from an international client who has followed our advice from our Piriformis Syndrome Video and Ebook

"I've seen physical therapy exercises somewhat similar but not quite as effective as the ones you've shown me. I've seen 2 different Chiropractors, had 2 -12 session per month physiotherapist sessions, and my own internal medical doctor over 3 years, trying to get livable solutions to the pain I have.  So I have to say quite to my surprise how pleased I am to finally start to get relief for the pain I had in my lower back.  Up to the point of reading and viewing your recommendations, all of which worked mind you, I was afraid I would have to live with the chronic pain the rest of my days. Thanks thanks and thanks again."

Malcolm Hill




"My name is Lauren Szigeti, I'm 16 years old and absolutely love playing footy. I joined No Regrets with my mum a few months ago with one major goal set in mind; the u18 Victorian Metro Team.The amazing trainers at No Regrets got to know me, my body and my goals really well and set lots of small goals which all contributed to my main goal. I knew I had to improve my running and when I was told I could improve that without actually going for runs, I was all in!!The main things we planned to focus on my glute strength, leg power and agility and I was always excited for gym day to come because I knew I'd walk in to a fun, happy environment and walk out with even better results week after week.After a couple of months I definitely noticed improvements in my speed, changing direction and power, all critical assets needed on the field.Eventually, selections came and I found out that I made the team!!! So nationals came around -  not only did I play in the team but my running had improved that much that I even got to play in the midfield, we were undefeated, got to play the grand final on the MCG as a curtain raiser to a Friday night game which was the most amazing opportunity of my life, and to add to that, we won 95-0! I honestly dont think I would have had this amazing opportunity without the help of the No Regrets team, I couldn't thank them enough!!"

Lauren Szigeti






"For the past 10 years pain has been a constant in my life. I ended up having 2 surgeries for a bulged disk in 2006 and have never really recovered. The surgeon referred me to a physio who I saw twice a week and they also had me doing one-on-one Feldenkrais to learn how to move correctly again. I did EVERYTHING they told me to. After a year I was still in a lot of pain so I went back to the surgeon. He did another scan and confirmed there was no longer a bulge, and said ‘give it another year’. Easy for him to say!

Over the following 8 years, across different countries, I’ve seen at least 10 different physios, ~2 osteos, ~5 remedial massage therapists, ~2 myotherapists, ~3 acupuncturists, ~2 personal trainers, an exercise physiologists, one-one-one clinical Pilates with multiple physios, a swim trainer and 2 podiatrists. Well that’s what I remember - I could have paid off my house by now! Last year I decided my twice weekly Pilates wasn’t building my strength, and it was also aggravating my shoulder and wrists. I knew it was related to bad habits picked up from ‘protecting’ my back, but no one could really diagnose it. Late last year I saw a new sports doctor, who after finding out I was recently pregnant told me that he ‘couldn’t really help since I couldn’t have an injection, so I should plan to leave work early as I was highly likely to struggle, and well good luck with the feeding because that’s going to be tough’. After working so hard for so long I felt like I had failed. As it turned out I had a miscarriage, so I decided to suck it up and go back for the injection – my last resort. The scans and injection cost close to $2k, and it didn’t work at all. He didn’t have much to say to me, so I demanded he refer me to a pain clinic – if they couldn’t fix it, I was going to need a better way to cope with it – enough was enough. Instead he referred me to a rheumatologist, who suggested I immediately cease all Pilates, go back to Feldenkrais and learn meditation. He suggested my problems stemmed from being super tight and ‘strengthening’ just made me tighter. I felt much better initially, but 4 months later I felt worse than I had with the Pilates, I’d lost any strength and momentum I did have, and was just another patient they had forgotten about.

Upon hearing this recent update, a friend who had been seeing Nick for a while recommended I give No Regrets a go so I reluctantly met with Nick one lunchtime. I thought his approach sounded great as it seemed to pull together so many of the various things I’d learnt over the years, and I was keen to give it a go, however I was completely reluctant to commit as I had been through this so many times in the past 8 years – throwing a lot of money into a different approaches – only to be the one who gets screwed in the long run when the trainer/physio/specialist etc. get very little results and basically gives up, but continues to take my money until I eventually get handed over to someone new, and the cycle continues…

But I did really like that Nick took learnings from so many different approaches and I felt that maybe he would just pull all the different bits from all the different therapies and put them into something that worked precisely for ME. I am only 33, and I simply felt like I shouldn’t have to settle for where I was at – yes I was ‘functional’ and working full time again, but every decision and plan in my life was made with pain management in mind.

I’ve now been seeing Nick twice a week for three months. Right from the start he has identified poor movements patterns that I’ve always felt weren’t right but no-one ever listened or taught me HOW to correct it. He is great at explaining why we do movements or exercises a certain way and identifying the specific trouble spots that I have, allowing me to be much more aware of how I move both in and out of the gym. Particularly the way he structures workouts around the relationship between stretching and strengthening makes so much sense. Much of what he says is bits and pieces of what I’ve heard before but finally packaged into a training session that works for ME and doesn’t aggravate my various complaints. He’s also very flexible and will change his workout plan to suit how I’m feeling that day which means I never feel pressured. I’ve learned that I still hold a lot of fear with my movements but I know I can be honest with Nick and he makes sure I feel supported physically and emotionally. Whilst I get the muscle soreness that you get from a good workout, my body has quickly adapted and I’m yet to have any major ‘set backs’ like I’ve always encountered with other therapies/trainers.

My employer recently offered me a job closer to home, a dream given driving aggravates my sciatica. After much thought I accepted the position on the condition that I could continue to work from Nunawading once a week so I could continue my training. That’s how committed I now am to working with Nick! I never thought it would be an overnight cure, and Nick is very honest and upfront about the work you need to do and time it takes to make permanent corrections, but I have genuinely seen more improvement in the past 3 months than I have in the past 6 years! Obviously it’s still early days, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m making consistent improvements and am on absolutely the right track."

Georgie McIntosh






If you have been on some of our other website pages, or purchased one of our rehab videos or ebooks you might recognize the girl above, Kate, as she featured as my model with many of these videos, and also the ones we filmed with Women's Health & Fitness magazine in 2014-2015. When I first met Kate she has severe knee pain that limited her ability to play netball. By applying our rehab and functional movement program we were able to help her get on top of that pain, get back to netball and in turn transform her into one of the strongest females in our studio! Here is her story.

"I started to experience knee pain in my right knee 18 months -2 years ago. Being an allied health professional myself, I thought the best way to treat my knee was to see an osteopath as at that stage I was unsure of the source of the pain; muscular, skeletal, a combination. I begun regular appointments with the osteopath who treated me with dry needling and deep tissue massage which was very painful (and expensive)! At this stage I was being treated for patella tendonitis. After around 5 months of no progress or change in my pain, I decided to cease treatment with the osteopath. I then started to see a physiotherapist. Again, the same story as the osteopath; lots of expensive treatment sessions and no improvement in the pain. At this stage I had stopped playing netball as I was under the impression that the hard impact of the game would make the pain worse and do some damage to the knee. Enter Nick and the team at No Regrets. I started training with Nick 12 months ago and the first thing he did with me was an in-depth postural assessment to see how my body moves bio-mechanically and to look for clues in my movement patterns that could explain the knee pain. With the information from this detailed assessment Nick was able to tailor an individual exercise program to correct my movement patterns by addressing basic flexibility and stability first. Nick was also the first professional to view all the muscle groups as a whole and understand that they need to work together in harmony. He identified glute activation as an area that needed to be worked on which was currently impacting on how my knee's worked, as well as developing the VMO muscle to allow my knee to function in an optimal way. I begin to feel improvements in the pain within 6 weeks, and have continued to experience improvements along the way. I am now at a point where I am virtually pain free and able to play netball and train 3 times a week - something I was never able to do in the past! Nick takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation and has an intricate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, and what is required to correct knee pain.”

Kate Neilson





"Signing up with No Regrets personal training was the best thing I did for my health and fitness.  I had had memberships with gyms on and off before and even did some personal training for about 4 months but always found myself slumping back to the usual inactivity. Of course life & work is always busy so I had plenty of reasons to excuse myself.  Then a friend who had been going to No Regrets gave me a voucher and said to try it out. Although it was hard at the beginning I found the approach from the No Regrets team refreshingly different to my past experiences at gyms and personal training. They paid special attention to my weaknesses and strengths and the fact that every session was different made it interesting and dare I say even "enjoyable".  No Regrets' flexible scheduling allowed me to regularly attend and mix the sessions with my work schedules. It took time and persistence but after 10 months I feel the best I have felt for a long time.  I used to suffer from frequent colds and year round hay fever but I haven't had a cold for months now and I have been able to come off my hay fever medications 2 months ago without a problem.  I can't be sure but increased fitness seems to be the only change that could account for that.  Thank you Nick, Mel, Nathan, Dylan, Ellie and the rest of the No Regrets team."

Prasad Cooray - March 2016 Client Of The Month







"Towards the end of 2013 I was becoming concerned with my weight and feeling sluggish and tired all the time. Around December of that year my brother mentioned he had a friend at No Regrets who was getting great results. I checked out the website and felt that it was exactly what I needed. Never having been a gym person I procrastinated my way through 2014 and it wasn't until December of that year that I made an appointment to see Nick. From that very first meeting I knew I was in good hands as he outlined the way that No Regrets works with it's clients. After one session with Nick I was placed with Nathan and a couple of months later I began to train with Elley as well. It wasn't long before I began to notice results in both how I looked and felt. I have received excellent training and dietary advice and with Nathan and Elley I feel I have the best of both worlds. They are both incredibly supportive and have helped me enormously. Prior to beginning with No Regrets I had worried I would find the gym a chore, but I have a lot of fun with Nathan and Elley and I really look forward to coming to training. Nick said to me in my first meeting with him that if I followed the advice I was given I would get results. This has proven to be absolutely true and whilst I have many more goals to accomplish I am certain I will get there. Thanks again to Nick, Mel and the Team!"

Robert Clarke - February 2016 Client Of The Month




"I was into cycling in a very big way, one day I started having issues with pains in my knees in March 2012. I experienced a great deal of frustration with the injury that stopped my from doing the sport I loved. To try and fix the issue I did a lot of research, spend a lot of time and money trying remedies including:

• Ice
• Heat
• Rest
• Roller only
• Stretching only
• A LOT of deep tissue massage
• Anti-inflammatory drugs, voltaren gel
• Cortisone injections x 2
• Shoe inserts to reduce camber
• Barefoot shoes
• VMO strengthening work
• Cupping
• Trigger point massage – Glutes, TFL – lateral quads
• Acupuncture
• Hip strengthening using theraband – 4 week program
• Pilates including Pelvic floor exercises and concentrating on glute activation
• Active release therapy (ART)
• Muscular therapy balance - straight shin deadlifts and squats

It became clear that a quick fix was never going to happen and I gave up trying. Sometime later I found No Regrets while doing some internet searching. They assessed me and put me on a rehab program to correct my movement issues with strength work, massage tools and stretching. I've now been with them for over 9 months and although it's been a slow and sometimes frustrating process, I am very happy to be properly riding again having achieved rides over 100km, rides up into the Dandenong hills and I've just booked my first cycling holiday in 4 years. I still get mild pain but the team have been a great help not only in reducing my pain issues but providing me with the tools and knowledge to be able to build strength, maintain my own issues and stay on the bike. I would recommend No Regrets to anyone with chronic pain. Huge thanks to Elley, Nick and the team for all the help and support they have provided."

Matt Sevastopolous







I am currently a Tactical Operator in an elite Police Tactical Group within Australia. I attempted to train up for the grueling selection process in 2009 and was hampered by knee pain which eventually became tendinopathy of the patella tendon and was unable to run for 18 months. Shelving my dream I pursued other career opportunities and in 2013 the dream was reignited through a series of circumstances.  Being 33 years old and having a body that had plenty of damage (particularly in my knees) I was not very hopeful of success.  I committed to trying to get my running going again and see how it went.  At that time the universe provided me with a number of proffesionals that assisted me on the journey including Nick Jack from No Regrets.  Nick's understanding of movement patterns, particularly with regard to running, is second to none. My Physio and podiatrist both stated to me when we started that what I was looking to achieve was not impossible, but with the damage to my body it was going to be touch and go. With Nick's help I was able to get my running up to such a standard that my best time was 40 seconds under the required time for the selection process.  Furthermore the work that I did via the weights program that Nick set for me and reset every 6 weeks or so made my body bullet proof enough to get through selection and the 3 month training course that followed without injury.  If I could tell you what that involved you would understand that what I have just told you was a miracle. I cannot overstate how important Nick and his training was. I would recommend him highly to anyone, no matter if your challenge is a marathon, elite sport or a career in the special forces Nick is your man.

Thanks for everything, (we cannot share this client's name or face due to security reasons)







"I have been a keen snow skier for many years and these days tend to ski more often in the United States than here at home on the Victorian slopes. The snow fields of Aspen in Colorado and Mammoth in California offer a unique experience of high altitude and powder skiing most years. Nick and the team at No Regrets have transformed my skiing ability by strengthening the core and quad muscles in my legs and in doing so I can now appreciate longer time on the slopes and the steeper terrain. I have also found the balance exercises coupled with the strength training to get me out of some tricky situations. I enjoy the early morning work outs with Nick, Nathan and Dylan and go to great lengths to avoid missing a session. I pride myself on trying to do -one more! On a seemingly impossible set of reps and feel exhilarated afterwards. Many thanks to the entire team." - David Fisher

David Fisher - Business Owner





"When I was told I was client of the month I felt a bit undeserving? it is a bit to do with my personality where I tend to never quite feel I am doing enough. Having said that it was pretty awesome! First I thought I wouldn't have much to say when compared to other stories that I read but then I got thinking. I have always done a fair bit of exercise but things have been a bit tough since being diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago. I got over that but then have had some personal stuff going on that has made life pretty full on. I came to No Regrets because it was at the end of the street where I work and I liked what I read on the website. My knees were dodgy from too much running and I was feeling old?!! Training at No Regrets is different to what I have been used to but I just love it. It is always easy to prioritize other things over exercise but when you are locked in to training 2 sessions per week it just becomes a habit and a bit addictive. I love variety and I love a challenge and I get this every time I train. I love feeling strong and pushing myself to the next level. (Well it is actually the trainers that push me!!) Exercise is great for me not just in a physical sense but also emotionally. Working in palliative care means you need an outlet to keep things balanced and exercise is great for that. I think too that  because it is a  job where you are caring for others , coming to a training session is timeout and something for me. I am always very grateful for the time and energy I get from my trainers Dylan and Elley (also Nick and Nathan) although I really do wish they would learn how to count!! (I am sure I have done10 reps but they only counted 8!!!) No Regrets have a holistic focus that addresses not just exercise fitness but every part of your life and that is why it works so well for me plus they are just really nice people. Thank you!"

Jeanette Liebelt




"I am not sure quite where to start when I talk about the last 3+ years of my life. Put simply, there were 3 stages. The first stage was the break down. For 10months I pushed through nagging and intermittent back pain at work, increasingly compromising my personal life so I could continue working. From the first sign of back pain I was seeking answers, through multiple pysiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors. Eventually, an MRI confirmed I had a weak to moderate disc bulge at the L1-L2 level, but I was convinced that did not tell the whole story. My second phase I would describe as the stage of despair. I had to stop work when it became clear that my back pain was compromising my ability to do my job in a high stress environment ? I was working as a mine geologist at a remote location in South Australia. The intention was for me to return home, get some new opinions, recover, and get back to work. It did not go as planned. Following a cortisone injection at the site of the disc bulge, and the recommended rest to let the cortisone begin to work, I was left in a worse condition than before. Sitting had been my back's biggest enemy, however after slowly cutting out various forms of exercise at the recommendation of therapists, and getting by day to day with stop-gaps such as large lumbar supports and constant hamstring stretching, I was left weak and unbalanced. Following those few days I could no longer sit for more than a few minutes. Often the stress that associated sitting for as littleas5 minutes left me sweating in a cold room. I remained, more or less, in this condition for the next 18months. I made marginal improvement through various therapies but nothing came close to restoring my ability to live a remotely normal life. I was literally twisted, things didn't feel right, and my location of back pain seemed to beat the center of all of this. I was continually frustrated by the rapists not being able to interpret this for me, recommend what I needed to strengthen, what I needed to stretch, etc, so that I could take the tension out of my body and restore it to a state where it could heal. Enter No Regrets Personal Training!

Phase3 and the path out of the tunnel. I've been slowly coming out of the tunnel. I began a part-time MBA when I felt I could withstand the demands of sitting through a few hours of lectures a week. I saw a movie in November for the first time in 20months. In December I spent most of my time walking up and down the aisle on a flight to New York City! But I made it! And shortly after proposed to my now Fiancé who had about 1 good year of me before the back pain started taking over our lives. I started working again part time in January this year. There were times when I questioned what I was doing, if my back was going to let me work tomorrow, but those questions started to fade, and now I am gaining confidence in my back as my conditioning improves, and the healing continues. I am less terrified of catching up with friends for dinner as chairs become less scary, and I have enjoyed a few movies this year squeezed in among the work, study, and exercise. I have also made a few appearances back on the basketball court! And hope to play at least 1 more state level season before I get too old or too busy. I still have got a lot of work to do, but for the first time in a long time there is hope and a plan that works. There is no time to rest, and no time for regrets!"

Phil Neckers



"I have been training with No Regrets for almost a year 10 and have really enjoyed the training and the fun environment the team create. With a lifestyle that includes a hectic job and a fantastic family that are involved in a lot of sport I was finding it more and more difficult to fit my own exercise in. When I started with No Regrets we made the decision that I should train early in the morning so that I start the day well and there couldn't be any excuses for not getting the exercise in. It has been a great decision as regardless of how tired I feel I know that after a session with Nick or Dylan the day will be better and that I have at least got some exercise during the week. The entire team at No Regrets are great fun and passionate about what they do making it easy to be motivated for the next session." 

Mark Ronan - Client Of The Month March 2015




"I am very humbled to have been nominated as the Client of the Month! Thank you, No Regrets! While I was preparing Ryder's and Jude's bubble bath I had so many thoughts and words flying through my head. You see, I have had some time to think about writing this little section and I am finally doing it. There are many things I have learnt from Nick, Mel, Nathan, Emily and Dylan (The No Regrets Team). One of the things I have learnt and I have applied throughout other aspects of my life is 'Quality over Quantity'. So I am going to try my hardest and do my best to also apply this to this piece of writing. Suddenly, my Mum was looking like she was 30 years old and full of beans. My Dad's energy levels and strength were getting him through a full working day and backing it up with exercise. I had to get myself some of what was making my Mum and Dad look so radiant. I found out it was No Regrets, so I called and booked an Assessment with Nick Jack. Nick Jack shared some knowledge that has stuck with me and has made me a better athlete, mother, daughter, teacher and human being. I had to get a good look at myself before I began to feel good. There were several things I had to sort out such as; sleep, stress and diet. Once these were on the right track I could per-form. Melissa Jack is my PT and I look forward to every session (even the really hard ones). These sessions have improved my strength and in turn has helped me develop into a stronger and faster run-ner. I go back to quality training because I believe this is what got me over the line and winning third place (female category) in the 10km Maroondah Dam. I was over the moon and had the best buzz after it. Well, I think I did end up writing more than I wanted too but it was due to enthusiasm, which you will feel an abundance of at No Regrets.
The No Regrets Team has a wealth of knowledge that is priceless. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals."

Susi Viete - Client Of The Month April 2015




Olivia Kourmadias - Video Interview

Here is a great video interview to watch of a client who came to see us for a severe chronic injury with her knee. Olivia's knee pain was so severe she was barely able to walk up stairs or even sit down on a chair without pain! Within weeks of her completing training with us she was able to feel a shift in how she moved and was able to get to a point where she was completing loaded squats, lunges and step up exercises free of limitation and pain. But most importantly she was able to get back to playing sports and doing all the things she wanted to do. The most fascinating thing to know about Olivia was she was only 13 years old when she came to see us! Her condition which is very common in young clients is very much postural related and can easily be corrected with a well designed exercise program. To help explain this process I recorded a video of exactly what we did with Olivia and also recorded and interview with her to explain in her own words what we did with her training and what she can do now. Click the image below to see the interview and here her amazing story.





Here is a great success story from a client who wanted to get in shape and also had some really nasty knee pain. Make sure you check out a video we did of Sharon completing a Lunge on her first day versus how she does the lunge 6 months later. Click the image below to watch the video! The difference is amazing! Below is her story.

“It was a real boost to me personally to me named client of the month. I came to No Regrets 4 months ago lost and confused about my health and personal well-being. The first thing Nick asked me to perform was the dreaded lunges, well I absolutely hate these, whenever I did them I felt like my knee caps would explode. Nick confidently said its because of your quads and I immediately thought no way buddy, I have bad knees from 25 years of pounding them up and down the basketball court. Well you can only guess who was right ( Nick ) and who was wrong ( me ). I can do sets of lunges now with no pain and I won’t lie they still aren’t my favourite exercise but I no longer avoid them as I did in the past. On a more serious note the encouragement I have received from Mel and Nick has given me confidence to work on some personal issues and I am now a physically and emotionally happier person. I still have a lot more work to do, but have full confidence that no regrets will help me achieve all my goals. Love you Guys” Sharon


Sharon Lawson - Client Of The Month February 2015




“I’ve been coming to no regrets for 10 months now and I honestly cannot believe the results I’ve gotten in this short amount of time! I came to no regrets mainly to tone up my legs and arms and get a better bum! I’ve always been an active person so I was not overweight to begin with but wanted to trim down and tone up even more. Before I came to no regrets I was doing pole dancing and yoga and surfing when I could. I thought pole dancing gave me good results but in the 10 months at no regrets I have seen way more of an improvement than I got from 3 years at pole dancing!I put this down to the fact that as Nick says building muscle and having muscle on you helps burn fat, I never knew this and so while pole and yoga were great they didn’t give me enough of a muscular workout to get the results I wanted so I am just so stoked that I found no regrets and decided to give it a go!For the past 10 months while I try to do yoga and home workouts and surfs as well as my no regrets training, sometimes life doesn’t permit this.But the one thing I always keep constant is my 2 sessions a week at no regrets and I cannot believe how just doing this constantly and eating well has given me such awesome results! Was super stoked to be getting compliments on my bikini bod and bum over summer with one of my mates even saying I was starting to get model abbs woooo! I really cannot thank Nick, Nathan and Mel and the rest of the team enough – their passion and commitment to the job is so inspiring and makes it so easy to get out of bed early!”  

EMILY CROSBIE - Client Of The Month January 2015






“My introduction to No Regrets was due to a back injury 2 years ago. A friend of mine recommended that I come along and attend a Back Class to see if it could help me. Ever since this class Brent and I have been training together each week. Early classes focused on stretching as we slowly built our flexibility, in order to take on more strengthening activities which is now what our program is all about. This training has changed my life. Our weekly appointment gives me the motivation and knowledge of exercises to do other activities outside this time that complement the effort that I am putting in at PT. In addition, for me, training with a second person has been a key point as it keeps our sessions interesting and helps with the motivation to keep going.”

Andrew Koedyck - Client of the Month September 2014

“I/we are surprised to be nominated as “client of the month”. But I think this nomination says a lot about the staff at No Regrets. Firstly, they are responsible for creating the programs that keep you challenged and for ever finding muscle groups you thought didn’t ever exists. Secondly, they are the ones who monitor your performance and keep you focused on the task ahead. We have been known to voice our concerns about the suggested next set of exercises. Plus we do tend to wear the same blue colored shirts to “blend” together when doing the exercises. This seems to create a team feed which enable us to feed of each other to get the “next set” done. Andrew an I have come a long way since the early sessions. The benefits have been many. A higher level of fitness is but one benefit. But perhaps the more lasting benefits us having a more ‘rounded” exercise life style and the mental approach to attempt exercises that
appear beyond our capability. “

Brent Hansen - Client of the month September 2014



Sarah Pease - Video Interview Of Mum Who Lost Weight & Got Rid Of Back Pain

Here is a very emotional interview we did with a client who came to see us originally to get on top of her back pain and hopefully lose some weight. A classic example of a mum who had sacraficed her own health in order to raise a family. Sarah had little energy, low self esteem, suffered with chronic pain and just could not seem to lose weight no matter what she did. It was not an easy road and she continues to keep working to get closer to her bigger goal but a great story to hear. Click the image below to hear her story.




“I remember my first PT training session and thinking what have I done? Unable to complete the simplest exercise, I felt too old for this and very embarrassed. I honestly believed I would never achieve anything and nearly walked away. Now I am glad I didn’t , as I have learnt so much ( and still learning ), those exercises I had trouble with at the beginning are no longer looked upon with trepidation. Thanks to No Regrets I have so much more confidence, healthier lifestyle and feel so much better about myself. Without the encouragement and confidence in my ability that I receive from Mel and Nathan each week ( my two wonderful instructors ) I really don’t think I would have achieved what I have. They actually make exercise seem enjoyable. Now I would never have said that when I started!”

Leanne Haddock - Client of the Month August 2014




I have been training with No Regrets since February 2013 and I certainly have “no regrets” at all about training with the team. I absolutely love it!! I thought about doing this for years, but I just never could find the time. Or at least that is what I thought but the fact was I just was not making time to look after my health. My business was becoming very stressful and I was working longer hours, not exercising much and I was eating terrible foods. I had been gradually putting weight on, my knees hurt, my back hurt and I was basically spiralling out of control. I always thought Personal Training was about going hard at it and what I have learnt from training with the guys at No Regrets is that it is all about getting your health right first before training hard. I have had my setbacks, but recently with Nathan I have been able to increase my strength to levels I have never done  in my life! My knees are still an issue but I can now see how important the training is to my life as I have so much more energy and motivation to do more with my life now. Thanks so much to Mel for chasing me. Trippy

David Tripp - Client Of The Month July 2014 Owner of Lazer Electrical





“Hi My name is Marty Schoner and I’m a 27 year old Builder/ Property developer.  I started training with No Regrets in December 2012. When I was younger I was right into the gym and always kept myself in very good shape, playing sport and going to the gym at least five times a week.  As time went by and work became more demanding I stopped exercising and focused all my energy into work and creating my new company over the past 3-5 years.  Although this led to success it also led to long working hours, poor eating habits and an overall poor work life balance.  Although my work kept me strong in some areas as it is quite physical I was far from fit and I was feeling very run down, over weight and tired. Once I first started training again at no regrets I really struggled and found muscles I never knew even existed!  It took sometime for me to get on top of the training and I soon began to enjoy it.  It soon became apparent that I had to make some lifestyle changes particularly to do with diet if I really wanted to start getting results.  As a busy person I disliked going to the super market and often ate out or had take away on the go.  I would almost never eat breakfast, would frequently skip lunch and would indulge in large dinners to make up for the skipped meals during the day.  In addition to that I was a very heavy social drinker and would drink most nights of the week. It took me quite a few months to really get used to eating regularly and properly.  It seemed very hard at first and involved a lot of preparation but once I started feeling good it truly began to become second nature.  Once I started to eat properly I felt a whole lot better and began to see results.  Along with the Healthy eating and more periodic meals I also greatly reduced my alcohol consumption and I try to keep it only for the weekends where possible.  My next battle will be to quit smoking and allow myself to breathe properly and progress further.  I am not where I want to be just yet but I have made most of the necessary steps to make it possible. A big special thanks to the team and No Regrets for their support so far.”

Marty Schoner - Builder / Property Developer for Septima ( Client Of The Month October 2013)




“What can I say?  I am so excited to have finally been named Client of the Month.  I have to say what a pleasure it is training with you guys. I started with Nick about 5 years ago – I am now in my Mid 60s – I have osteoarthritis in my knees and wanted to strengthen them and being the trainer that he is – we focused (him probably more than me) and today I am extremely fit and strong. There are some movements I just can't do and some I don't like to do but nothing stops me having a go!! When No Regrets opened at Mitcham – I changed to training with Rossy and she has been torturing me every week since and still I come back for more, plus I do the Girls Bootcamp every Monday and Thursday morning at 6.00am and I love it; and I have to own up to it – I’m the trouble maker – but it is a load of hard work and there’s so much fun and camaraderie that would be hard to find elsewhere. The No Regrets team is like no other gym – they are extremely professional, caring and, most of all, they ensure that they are focused on you! Love to all the Bootcampers and Nick/Mel/Rossy/Darren/Josh and Nathan.”

Neroele Harrison - PA for Calculator King ( Client Of The Month December 2013 )




“I was ‘the’ reluctant starter. I had heard how fantastic Nick and his team were for years as my wife, Glenys, was an avid fan and had been training with Rossy for some time. As I was constantly whinging about sore legs, lower back pain and aches and creaks in my entire body, I was finally convinced that I needed some movement and agreed albeit sluggishly, to see Nick. How things have changed... and so quickly. I remember the first session with Nick extremely well. Something he said struck a chord with me and it all suddenly made sense. He said ‘your body is like the spokes of a wheel, some need to be tightened, others loosened off so the wheel stops wobbling and starts to run straight’. As he leaned and stretched me all over the place I could feel exactly what he meant. I knew at that point I needed what was about to come. For nearly a year I have been worked on by Nick, Rossy and Nathan. They built a core (which I didn’t even know existed) and worked on me so that the bad pain went away and good pain was the aim of each session as my body responded to each push and pull. This year I finished my 5th Oxfam 100 km walk. While always a challenge on the day, it was the best walk so far (and our quickest). I have no doubt that the hard work and effort the No Regrets Team have put into me made the massive difference. As we set my new goals together I can’t wait for the next session. “

Andrew Whitelaw - Owner & Lawyer ( May 2014 Client Of The Month )






My journey has been an interesting one since joining No Regrets in August last year. Over my years I had played a lot of sport however in recent years have been relatively inactive with my waistline blossoming and fitness deteriorating as a result. My visit to No Regrets was the first to any gym or personal training set up in my life. My first couple of sessions were real 'oh bugger' moments and provided a real reality check as to where my fitness level was at. Since joining No regrets I have noticed improvement in the following areas : greater balance, more flexibility, more strength, weight loss, better eating habits and a far more disciplined structure to my exercise. Whilst I still have a long way to go I look forward to the next 12 months, in particular improving my cardio, quitting smoking and continuing to improve my nutrition. A big thanks to my trainer Nathan.”

Dwayne Britton - Business Owner ( April 2014 Client Of The Month )





"Hilarious and special to find your PT's at the finish line of your personal event!Having trained with Nick and Melissa at no regrets for 7 years battling shoulder, back and broken wrist problems in the last few, I've been able to adjust and continue my training in various forms to keep my mind upbeat and my legs and butt bike ready.
On the long weekend I rode in the Audax Alpine Classic which for me meant 145kms from Porepunkah through Bright, over Tawonga Gap through Mount Beauty and up to the top of Falls
Creek and return......Made harder on the first climb of the day having ridden from Harrietville to
the top of Mount Hotham the day before.....bloody Nick with his big ideas, how amazing is it to have your trainer knowing exactly what you mean when to talk about your interests!.
Thanks Nick and Melissa for keeping me on track with weight training, nutrition and goal setting. I wonder what's next??"

Jen Handel - Owner of Snap Printing Rowville ( February 2014 Client of the Month )





“Some 18 months ago I started training with No Regrets. My initial purpose was to strengthen my core to assist with some long standing back issues. The staff at No Regrets determined a plan for me and we have worked at it consistently. 9 months ago I committed to riding 500kms in 5 days through northeast Thailand to raise funds to build a new orphanage for children born with HIV. The ride commenced on 17th February. Now, for me this was a big task – I hadn’t ridden a bike since I went to school – a long time ago. Unfortunately, I did little bike riding training in preparation and arrived in Thailand with much trepidation. As it turned out, not only had I done the least riding preparation of all the riders, but I was the oldest rider. Not a great start. Well, 530kms and 5 days later I completed the ride. Apart from some tight calves and hamstrings, (and a sore rear), I completed the ride with little difficulty and the back was never an issue. A feat I could not have achieved without the expertise and dedication of the No Regrets team.”

PAUL RAYE - Owner & Accountant for PR Accountants ( March 2014 Client Of The Month )





“I have been training with Nick and his team of dedicated trainers for many years now. When I first met Nick I was very hesitant about taking him on as my trainer as he came with a reputation of " showing no mercy!" Nick has proved to be passionate about his wish for his clients to be life ready and ready for what life presents to you, both physically and emotionally. I have a chronic degenerative issue with my Right knee and having been told 4 years ago I would need a partial knee replacement and shouldn't be doing any weight bearing exercise through it, I decided, with Nick's common sense approach to this advice, that that was not going to happen!! Over time I have gradually built strength through the muscles around my knee to the point that I can do a wide range of strength training exercises and have significantly more range of movement and much less pain. There are some movements I just can't do and some I don't like to do but nothing stops me having a go!! My head space often argues with what my body can do but we all know Nick and his trainers are very good at getting you to stop listening to what you can't do and to have a go! Thank you all for having the passion to help us to help ourselves.”

Cheryl Hansen - Nurse



“I’ve been with No Regrets for almost 16 months now, I’m proud to say the No Regrets team has challenged me mentally & physically to perform the best I can with every single session. I always leave feeling fantastic— especially after one of Mel’s awesome massages! Not only do I get a great workout, I love having a chat with the trainers and other trainees as well. Beats going to the gym and running on a treadmill like a lab mouse. I’m looking forward to many more fantastic years with No Regrets and hopefully one day I can beat an Olympic Weight Lifter!”

Jenny Lui




"I started training with Nick at No Regrets to supplement my training I'd been doing with my home gym. I'd been struggling with lower back pain from a previous slipped disc. When I started with Nick, I was your typical gym goer, training back/chest and tri/bi's, not too concerned about cardio or my legs as no-one was going to see them! Nick assessed me, and we had found my hamstrings / glutes to be very tight and that my overall posture was pretty bad. Nick created programs to rectify my posture and address my tight leg muscles, introducing me to the cobra and deadlifts among other "crazy" exercises, all of which recruit a lot of core muscles that I had been neglecting. My legs are building in strength and my back pain is slowly residing as Nick continues to push me - even last nights training session I nearly spewed! Whilst my back pain is still there more often than not, I am confident with the continual support of the No Regrets team and my constant hard work, there will be a day when I can finally say I'm "pain free". In the meantime, I'll continue correcting my posture & building strength in muscles I didn't know were there!!"

Rob Parker



“I used to have my good week & my bad weeks as I’d call them ( in terms of how many workouts I would get done) but I always had Nick to thank for kickstarting me into whatever week I was about to have every Monday morning! But for a while it seemed I was having more bad than good weeks. And I was feeling frustrated with what little time I had for weight sessions. So after some great advice from Nick I decided to add some interest to my exercise routine and therefore I could do more. As well as my PT session I went back to doing a class I loved to do years ago (Step) just once a week. Then a friend asked if I’d like to join her to walk tracks on a Saturday morning. And then… I did something that my husband had tried to convince me to do for years. Ride a road bike! So I bought a bike and besides trying to do squats on a Swiss ball this is one of the biggest challenges I have had to face. So now I do all of that plus my PT session & my own weights sessions. For me keeping fit and improving functional movements and strength is important and I find that mixing it up not only gives me an all round fitness but gives me motivation and variety of exercise that fits in with my busy work schedule. So now I only have “good weeks! I love training with No Regrets, there expert guidance and awesome understanding of what it takes to improve health & not just fitness is what I think makes my training with them so valuable."



Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and we were no exception. Neither of us were particularly overweight but there was definitely room for improvement. I had a gym membership and although I did go (occasionally!) I never really saw any results or improvements to my body. 

So six months before our wedding we both decided we needed a little help to get our bodies in better shape. Not only for the wedding, but also for the beach honeymoon! We headed to No Regrets and right from the start could tell we were dealing with a really friendly team who not only knew what they were talking about, but also cared about why we were there and what we were trying to achieve. 

The workouts were challenging but never boring. It was never the same routine, it was always different and dare I say, even a little fun! It was also interesting learning about how different exercises worked and why they were beneficial. Having a understanding why your doing something is more satisfying than just doing something because you were told to do it. The whole experience was very rewarding, especially when our bodies started to take shape, core strength was evident and we were able to do so much more than when we first started. 

Life is so busy leading up to your wedding, but we are so happy we made the commitment. We know we wouldn’t have made the time to try and exercise on our own and even if we had of, we never would have achieved the same results. It was good to have something where you could rock up and know you were in good hands. It also helped control stress and kept us healthy and gave us energy to deal with the long list of things to do before the wedding. 

We loved our time at No Regrets. The team, especially Rossy, were all so friendly and caring and helped us reach our goals to look our best at our wedding.

Sharon & Alan June 2013 - Owners of their own Plumbing Business in Mitcham


Having been plagued by back pain for over 12 months, I took up the 90 body challenge with the team at No Regrets Personal Training in October 2012 with the initial goal of building up my core strength through a tailored program specific to my needs. 
Upon sitting down with Nick and Mel to learn about what was in store, I quickly realised everything I thought I knew about good health, nutrition and exercise was about to be turned on its head!! 
Having been an active sportsman until my early 30’s, I’d always felt that real exercise had to be heavily aerobic based to improve my fitness, I can’t believe how far off the mark that is. 
When it came to diet, my weight had increased steadily over the last few years and the excuse was, well I’m over 40 so the metabolism is just slowing down. I’d tried to lose weight but it felt like climbing Mt Everest and unless I was eating like a rabbit, nothing would work...... I can’t believe how wrong I was!! 
My energy levels were depleted and by 2pm in the afternoon I’d be nearly falling asleep at work and a “nanna nap” on weekends was common. I’d put it down to long hours, sometimes-stressful work and my diagnosis of severe sleep apnea......again, you guessed it wrong!! 
The No Regrets team have transformed me in both mind and body over the last 3 months – I now call them “my support team”. It hasn’t happened overnight and it’s still early days so I know I have to stay focused, but I simply couldn’t have achieved the amazing results I have without the support of Nick, Mel, Darren & Rossy (my trainers) and the team. In their 12 weeks of support (with the added challenges of Xmas, New Year and holiday temptations) I lost nearly 9kgs, predominantly around the waist (10cm gone) and chest (7cm)....and guess what, I didn’t have to eat just lettuce and carrots to get there! My diet included eggs, chicken, steak and bacon all of which never left me feeling hungry. How is it possible you ask? The nutritional plan is tailored for you and with the support of the trainers through the exercise program they help you every step of the way to achieve your suits don’t fit anymore and it’s costing me in new pants.....but what a nice problem to have ? 
My energy levels have skyrocketed and my health feels fantastic. My back concern is an ongoing work in progress but it continues to strengthen and the core strength program has helped me get through some challenging periods such as moving house recently. 
To anyone that’s been sitting on the fence or talking about improving their health for sometime then I can’t recommend the team at No Regrets Personal Training more highly. From my personal experience, if you put your faith in the team, keep an open mind to nutrition, health and exercise, stick to their plans and work hard then you too can achieve amazing results. How I feel after 3 months is summed up with an experience at the pool where one of my daughter’s said wow look at Dad, he’s got abs!!! ? 

THANKS to the No Regrets team and here’s to your good health!!

Jason Wilcox - January 2013 - Mortgage Broker and Owner of Think Advantage



Before starting the nutritional program with Mel, I was saturated with lots of different (and conflicting) information about health and diet. Going through Mel's nutritional program gave me extremely clear-cut information that specifically applies to my body type. But having the right information isn't the best thing. I had incredibly strong support from Mel throughout the program and I never felt that I was on my own in my journey. It's nice when friends and family notice that I look leaner and healthier. And even though I've finished the program, I now have the knowledge and habits to stay healthy and strong from now on.

Glenn Biclar - December 2012 - Photographer and Video Production Business Owner



Over the past 5 years my weight ballooned and my wellbeing declined. I lacked energy
and willpower to change my eating habits. Something had to be done!! Mel’s Body Balance Challenge has given me the perfect kickstart. 

We got lots of support and tools to help us to help us along the way. How?

I love food and worried about whether I what I would be eating I needn’t have worried  - Mel loves food too and she gave us lots of awesome recipes and handy tips. 
Our group sessions were fun and we came away with the tools we need for lifelong change 
Mel’s one to one sessions and follow-up emails really helped me to tweek things and stay focused 
Most importantly – I wasn’t hungry!!

Deep restful sleep every night – a miracle for me 

Increased vitality, clear skin and lift in mood – all noticed by my workmates 

Better exercise tolerance – exercise is fun again 

Renewed sense of balance / structure around my eating habits which has carried through into other areas of my life 

Lastly the weight loss – clothes shopping is starting to be fun again!!

Negatives: NONE!! 

A couple of other unexpected but very welcome changes have happened along the way:

My hayfever/allergy symptoms have gone – a couple of weeks into the challenge I stopped having to use a daily nasal spray and haven’t needed it since 
My muscles seem to be loosening again - stretching is so much easier now

So a big thanks to Mel and the No Regrets team.

Judith Worland (Winner of the Body Balance Challenge) - December 2012



For many years I have been overweight not knowing which method of dieting or weight loss program I should try to shed the extra kilos. I tried several different options, which mostly had positive results but once the programs were finished I was left on my own and didn’t have any skills to move forward with. As a result it didn’t take long for the weight to return sometimes gaining more than I had lost.

When I read about the Body Balance Challenge I was interested to learn about what I could learn and how it could help me make better decisions. Over the last 8 weeks I have managed to lose weight and start wearing some of my clothes which I haven’t been able to wear for a long time. Mel and the team at No Regrets have taught me about the importance of eating regularly, eating the right type of food and when I should eat them. The great thing about the Body Balance Challenge was that I had to prepare all my own food and not rely on someone else to provide me with pre made meals. Along the way we were provided with recipes to try which were not only healthy but tasted great.

Learning about eating was one part of the challenge and the other was exercise. Working long hours, it isn’t always easy to get time to exercise and often doesn’t happen because of this. We attended several boot camps sessions and learnt some great exercises that can be done anywhere with limited exercise equipment.

I feel great now and know that I have the skills to make choices which will see me continue to improve my health and maintain my weight. Not only will I use these skills for me but also my wife and children to ensure that they don’t head down the path of being overweight.

I can’t thank Mel enough for her encouragement and support during the challenge and strongly recommend that anyone who is struggling with their weight consider contacting the friendly team and No Regrets.

Brett Halls - December 2012



As someone who has struggled with my weight and energy levels most of my life it was a wonderful thing when I learn't about Metabolic Typing. A friend of mine was doing the program and I watched him over time shed kilos and gain energy with ease. So I thought I would look into it! After filling out a questionnaire and identifying my "type" I was delighted to see that the foods that were right for my body were all the foods I loved and things that other diets restricted me from having. So I was definitely prepared to give this a go. Once I got the hang of how it all worked the results have been quite amazing and enlightening. I was highly addicted to Coca Cola and Chai. I'd wake in the mornings craving these sweet things to start my day. Now I have no cravings and naturally gravitate to the foods that work for me. I can read my body so much better.

I am clear on when I really need to eat or if it is simply the desire to comfort eat on an emotional issue. Because my body is more in balance I am able to work through that desire and not turn to food. My food plan keeps me satisfied all through the day and this is a good indication that I am on track and eating what is right for me. When this shifts I can identify that I am eating too many carbs or creating some other in-balance and can rectify it within a day or two and my body tells me when I am right. I sleep better, wake with energy and this energy lasts all day. I come home from work and cook healthy dinners rather than feel too tired and opt for take away or an easier option. I have clarity of mind. I have never been able to read my body like this before and have never made good choices food wise. Now the choices are easy and seem to come naturally. I have tried so many "diets" over my lifetime and have never sustained what I have been taught. They have been an effort to maintain, ultimately leading to failure. With this program I am not denied the things I like, its not restrictive and without even focusing on losing weight I have dropped one to two notches on my belts!! I don’t weigh myself so I don’t know how much I have lost but the lack of effort has been very exciting.

I attend the gym and enjoy how the exercise makes me feel. I am so grateful for the gentle support of Mel in implementing this program and love the way it feels like a lifestyle change that I can hold onto forever. I'm a very satisfied customer :-) With many thanks, Christine.

Christine Steentjes - October 2012



“My goal is to lose weight, not fast, just naturally let it happen, this isn't a race this is a better lifestyle. So far I have lost 13kg!! The biggest change has been eating more times each day, morning and afternoon tea is now a must do. Otherwise a binge or craving will be the bad result at the end of the day. It has been surprisingly easy. I started out just having protein for morning and afternoon tea (chicken leg, tatziki and celery or yoghurt). This reduced a lot of cravings and binges and therefore breakfast lunch and dinner were easier to change. The biggest hurdle was the detox I went thought after a couple of weeks, I just stuck to the right foods for me and since then its just been part of life. My clothes are getting really baggy and lots of positive comments are great for the ego, my skin and hair aren't as dry however the biggest change has been reducing how tired I would get, especially in the afternoon. Also my doctor is amazed at how much my cholesterol has improved considering I am eating all the so called “fatty foods”.

Every other diet I have been on starves me and relies on shear willpower to resist cravings, due to the wrong foods or lack of foods my body really needed, they also assume everyone is the same. This wasn't a diet, its more a journey to discover what foods work well with my body and isn't about starvation. I have learn't so much about my body and food in the last six months, especially how for me if I start craving sugar then I haven't eaten enough protein and how a protein snack will just get rid of the craving. There are still foods I need to try and see how well they fuel my tank. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve health or lose weight. I already have recommend this to family and friends because this has been an amazing program where I have learn't so much about my body what it wants not doing what someone else believes I should do.

Melissa’s assistance with implementing this has been outstanding. Everything just made sense and Mel’s instructions and guidance was great and reinforced everything, her encouragement to try foods and make small changes first made it easier to make it a permanent lifestyle change”. Thanks Mel

Steve Richards - September 2012



Late last year, I decided to make my health a priority.  I wasn't particularly unhealthy, but my lifestyle wasn't doing myself any favours for my health. I'd spent the previous years focused on my career which meant many hours sitting in front of a computer being sedentary, skipping meals then eating things that came out of vending machines. I also travelled a lot, which meant early starts, late finishes and not enough sleep. I knew I wanted to make changes but I had no idea where to start. That's when I met Darren. Prior to meeting Darren, I had gym memberships, but I rarely went. If I did go, I only ever did cardio and never even looked at the weights. Learning to do free weights with Darren has been fantastic – his encouragement and cheerful demeanour was exactly what I needed to get through the challenging sessions he plans for me. My body has responded really well to the training and I've amazed myself with the gains in strength I have made. The transformation from having what I described as "tuck shop lady arms" to having leaner, toned limbs has set off a running joke between us to "check out my guns" !

Working with Melissa and doing Metabolic Typing, I also learn't the importance of nutrition and how many myths about food and diet are being perpetuated by the majority of people out there. I realised I was eating too much carbohydrate and not enough protein. I'm now taking protein shakes and have eliminated refined carbs from my diet. I have had to fend off many curious questions about my "abnormal" food and why I was eating full fat dairy products and other so-called "bad" foods.  According to some of the people around me, fat was evil and eating white bread, pastas and other starchy carbs was "normal". The only way I could think to respond was to say "I'm not a normal person, so I can't eat normal food". I wouldn't put rubbish petrol into my car, so I couldn't put rubbish food into my own body anymore. Since I started eating correctly for my metabolic type, I have more energy and I've even lost a few kg's too! Since starting with No Regrets, I have noticed huge improvements in how I look and feel - and I am going to keep going just to see how far I can go !

Leonie Wong - July 2012



Timing…. It is not always easy or straightforward to find out what you need to do to take your fitness to the next level or lose the next few kilos. By the beginning of 2012 I was ready to try something different to lose the extra kilos that had crept on. In the past few years I had consulted a dietitian and a Naturopath and both had helped me to improve my health and to also chip away at a level of Cholesterol that GP's had cringed at. I have been training with Nick for around 3 years and shared my goal of losing weight.

Nick knows my level of fitness and my diet so he really was in a good position to suggest some changes to my diet that have helped me lose nearly 5 kilos this year and to feel far more positive about losing a few more. Some of the key changes he suggested were; eating small and more frequently, including healthy snacks that include protein and carbs, being consistent and persevering because I didn't have a lot of weight to lose and I am fit, so he helped me come to terms with this not happening quickly. Getting regular feedback and encouragement from Nick has certainly helped me stay focused and continue to get more tips.

For me it is a bonus having access to a personal trainer who can also give me dietary advice. I feel fitter and healthier than I have for quite some time and my GP is really impressed with me, my cholesterol is lower without medication......a big thank you Nick.

Dawn Harper - April 2012




You’re never too old.....

I was tired. Sometimes it seemed like I couldn’t really do anything properly anymore, and the 60-hour working weeks (sometimes more) that I had managed with ease and enjoyment were definitely feeling too much for me. Although rarely ill, I suffered from constant headaches, sinusitis and palpitations, all of which I put down to workload and stress. An onslaught of family commitments prompted me to retire from work – there is a limit to what one can juggle! I had loved my work, but now expected to have a lot more time for myself to write and finally get fit again. Life takes over though and I was still very busy with my new set of responsibilities, albeit tasks I also loved doing. I found the weight creeping on (some might unkindly say piling on), and before I knew it I felt even more tired and lethargic. My brain even felt sluggish, and that upset me more than anything else. The New Year (and all its resolutions) came and went; I was intending every day to go swimming on the morrow, yet still hadn’t managed to get near the pool. With impeccable timing Nick’s flyer found its way into my letter box.

Well, I had never thought of myself as a candidate for ‘boot camp’. Not being a fan of reality shows, I wasn’t really sure what a boot camp was, though a militaristic mechanism for making personnel unthinkingly compliant certainly came to mind. But the flyer did say “boot camp for women”, and it did say I would feel better and lose weight if I committed to 4 weeks. I thought I was a bit old at 60 to be working out with women who were sure to be much younger than me. I did want a structure to help me though, since imposing exercise on myself was not working, so I called the advertised number. Nick assured me that women older than me were already doing boot camp with Rossy (our intrepid, wonderful leader). He also said that it didn’t matter that I had never done any athletics or running; they would tailor the activities to suit my abilities. I’m glad that flyer came. I’m glad I called. I’m glad I went to boot camp. I’m glad I’m still going 12 weeks later. And I’m glad that many of the terrific women I started with are also still going to our slightly smaller group boot-camp constrained in size by the fact we do it in the studio.

The 6am starts might sound hard but all I have to do is remember how good I feel afterwards (I might hurt a bit too, but it’s temporary and a sign of increasing use of my muscles). I can also say though – and this I do with great confidence – that our enjoyment and physical improvement (not to mention our state of mind) are all attributable to the knowledge, insight, compassion and positive spirit of the No Regrets team, Nick, Mel, Rossy, Darren, and Tracey, as well as the supportive camaraderie in the group. I enjoyed boot camp so much that I took a leaf out of Anne’s (a boot-camp colleague and mentor) book and asked Rossy to give me some personal training sessions. So now I’m doing one PT session and two boot camp sessions per week. Mel and Rossy looked at what I was eating, and gave great advice that wasn’t hard to follow. With the exercise, the healthy eating and the encouragement, I have lost 7 kilos and am much trimmer. I feel like I have my old self back. I know I will have to keep at it – but I want to! Rossy has taught me about my body. She has that wonderful skill of working with people in their efforts to improve. She is always well organised with excellent plans which she modifies responsively to suit what is required to help each person. She is vigilant of us, wants the best for us and teaches us how to want and do this too. With Rossy I have learnt to use my core, and my flexibility, balance and strength have increased. I feel less tired. I wake up refreshed (though I still rarely sleep more than 6 hours), and look forward to the day. My companions at boot camp have experienced similar benefits – we all have fun, and it’s worth every cent!

I went into the boot camp thinking I would just try, but half expecting that I would not maintain commitment, or find it all too much. That has not been my experience. Join the sisterhood of once tired women, who gladly work with No Regrets staff to feel better (and come join boot camp too when you want!). You can depend on them caring about the whole you – that’s a rare gift.

Rosemary Viete - April 2012




I started training with Nick in July 2011, and what I have managed to achieve in such a short time since then both physically and mentally has been truly amazing. I suffered a serious back injury in 2006 and since then have had countless spinal injections, have undergone three major surgeries on my spine, and have endured a number of stints at rehabilitation and innumerable physio sessions. It is crucial for my health that I continue to exercise and although I felt I knew my way around the gym, the exercises I were doing seemed to aggravate my condition. It was at that point I decided to seek the help of a personal trainer. I have been so impressed with Nick’s depth of knowledge and his total commitment in helping me achieve my goals. Nick’s expertise guidance and encouragement has given me the confidence to go further in my training than I ever thought possible, and most importantly without risking further injury.

Nick adjusts the program each week so as I am continually challenging myself, but does so within my physical limitations. He also monitors my progress between training sessions online through PT enhance and emails me with feedback when required. As a result of training with Nick my core strength and balance has improved significantly, resulting in improved posture, which in turn places less pressure on my spine. My level  of functionality has increased which has improved my state of mind. I have also learnt what it means to work in when my body isn’t able to work out. Nick has taught me some Tai Chi movements that I now practise daily, something I never considered in the past. After training with Nick for 5 months and knowing I had my exercise program in good hands it was time to look into my nutrition. I knew it was an area I could improve on and so I turned to Melissa Jack for help. Melissa worked out my metabolic type, made  the necessary adjustments due to my food intolerances and then over the next couple   of months has helped me to implement and fine tune my diet.

The changes I have made have helped me to sleep better, reduce my food intolerance symptoms and have given me the energy to power through my workouts. I can’t thank Nick and Mel enough. They are both 100% committed to what they do, and genuinely care about their clients. The new studio is great and I look forward to continuing my training there in the future in such an inspiring environment

Karen Nottingham




I come from a general mindset that bigger is better, and that the only way of achieving this oh so envied image was through certain same ol' boring & repetitious exercises. I had no knowledge of what one can do with ones core to totally enhance their entire training program (these are now my favourite exercises), I had no knowledge of my unique body type, which took me a long time to understand and to an extent, get over... By this time I had also reached a training plateu. Cue Darren - who I may add is first and foremost a brilliant trainer and second friend (with big ambitions) - has helped me to come quite a long way. With a few bumps and troughs along the way I can definitely say I am control of where I can take my life because it has been a total 360 transformation - and not just in the gym - but at uni, work and with friends etc. Just amazing. And totally worth every hard-earned penny.

Daniel Pita Meyer




I had always had trouble with abdominal bracing during my exercise program; I found that I held my breath too high which was causing a reliance on my upper abs which were often quick to fail. To combat this, Nick and I have been working on strengthening my lower abs for greater strength and stability in each exercise. We began with lower abdominal breathing and strengthening exercises and once I was comfortable and confident with this we assessed my technique by using a blood pressure cuff below my lower back to ensure that I was able to keep the pressure consistently. Nick emphasised the importance of recreating this feeling through my normal strength training exercises and more recently we have implemented the string test to ensure that I am carrying the technique correctly through each movement. I have seen an amazing improvement in my own body awareness which has reflected significantly in my training. What I have most appreciated about Nick’s methods is at every stage there is a test on technique to ensure that you are on the right track and by revisiting the test you can physically see the improvement.

Amanda Glew



After years of partaking in monotonous and unrelated training programs, training with Nick has opened up a whole new world of fitness, giving me that edge I needed. Playing high level football is one of the most physically demanding activities I can imagine, and I found myself asking how can I possibly be better than the guy next to me if I am doing exactly the same training as he is.

My knowledge of training components has increased dramatically since training with Nick, escaping the traditional body building training routine that most people get sucked into. By utilising whole body exercises with dynamic strength training, and improving my posture, Nick has helped me become fitter and stronger in ways I didn’t know existed.

I have not necessarily learned to train harder but certainly smarter, our training sessions have not only been helpful physically for myself, but mentally as Nick has a wealth of knowledge, helping me understand what I need to know in many different areas of health and fitness.

Overall I have benefited immensely from my training with Nick; areas of my game have been specifically replicated in our training programs which have helped me reach great heights in my last year of junior football. Winning the Oakleigh chargers TAC cup best and fairest in 2009 would never have been possible were it not for my intense training sessions with Nick.


Luke currently plays 1st Division Football for Box Hill and in 2012 won several awards for Box Hill and in the pre-season set the record for the bench press test, squat test and also holds the record for the 20m sprint test!

Luke Andrews



Prior to Personal training with Nick, my training plan involved scheduling the Melbourne half marathon into the year and slowing building up to the longer distances from April until September and then collapsing into inertia until April the following year. I had some trouble being totally consistent with my training - you know, bit of rain, good TV show, hungry, feel an injury coming on. Training with Nick has raised my fitness to a much higher level and kept it there all year round meaning I have participated in a wide variety of events.

This year Nick really encouraged me to try new events which challenge me out of my comfort zone. This year I’ve ridden 100km in the Round the Bay in a Day, entered two adventure races and ran in fun runs of varying distances including a half marathon. In helping me overcome my fears about trying something new, Nick has assisted me in building my self-confidence. The great thing about training with Nick is his enthusiasm and interest in helping me defining and attaining my goals. I’m impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and the pursuit of further knowledge, along with his level of commitment to personal training.

Overall, he has assisted me in focusing on my goals, staying motivated, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do and made me look forward to training sessions instead of thinking of them as a chore. My friends and family are amazed that I’m actively looking for events to participate in where as prior to this year I had to dragged kicking and screaming.

Sue Gillespie




My personal trainer is Nick Jack (a true machine.. and a truly inspiring individual). Nick has taught me not only the importance of setting goals, but how to set an achievable path to reach them. Nick has given me a greater understanding of the importance of managing both diet & exercise, not just in order to maintain a healthy weight, but also to ensure your body has the energy necessary to support the workout you are going to ask it to do. And effectively managing your diet is much easier than I ever thought possible, and its not just about giving up stuff you love, its about understand the positives & negatives of the food you are eating, and using this information to make informed eating decisions. Goals differ from one person to the next. They are often personnel and their importance to you not always obvious to others.

Nick has helped me achieve many such goals; for instance when I met Nick I struggled to run 1km, we worked on the goal of being able to run 5km and achieved it, (something I though impossible at the time) and now I can run 10km. And the process of getting there was not always easy, but achieving something you initially thought impossible, is like achieving the previously impossible, and the feeling you get from doing that is priceless. During the time I have been training with Nick I have lost 10kg, greatly improved my level of fitness & diet, and achieved many personal along the way, not a bad result in itself. However, I believe the most valuable benefit of my personal training has not been the results in the gym, but the opportunity it has given me in apply those results to everyday life, and do things previously impossible. Thank you Nick.

Ian Johnson





I have been training with Nick Jack for about three years. Before training with Nick, I had a history of lower back problems most likely caused by over 30 years of running on hard surfaces and poor posture. The damage done cannot be reversed, however the work I have done with Nick to correct my posture, improve my balance and increase my core strength, combined with regular massage, has meant that I no longer suffer from muscle spasms in my lower back. Nick regularly changes and varies my program in the continuing search to find what works best for me. In addition, Nick provides education on other action I can take to be the healthiest I can be. Thanks Nick.

John Naismith





I had always had trouble with abdominal bracing during my exercise program; I found that I held my breath too high which was causing a reliance on my upper abs which were often quick to fail. To combat this, Nick and I have been working on strengthening my lower abs for greater strength and stability in each exercise. We began with lower abdominal breathing and strengthening exercises and once I was comfortable and confident with this we assessed my technique by using a blood pressure cuff below my lower back to ensure that I was able to keep the pressure consistently. Nick emphasised the importance of recreating this feeling through my normal strength training exercises and more recently we have implemented the string test to ensure that I am carrying the technique correctly through each movement. I have seen an amazing improvement in my own body awareness which has reflected significantly in my training.What I have most appreciated about Nick’s methods is at every stage there is a test on technique to ensure that you are on the right track and by revisiting the test you can physically see the improvement.

Amber Johnson





When I first met Nick Jack six years ago I had just starting going through what would become some of my darkest days. I had just been diagnosed with panic disorder. Now I imagine that the majority of you would never have heard of this, so let me explain ….. Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that is treated with ativan and characterized by recurring panic attacks. It leaves the sufferer anxious and worrisome about the possibility of the next panic attack. It caused me to fear crowds, busy places, excessive noise and many of the activities that I had always loved. I suffered for 3 years with this anxiety and the panic attacks believing my GP was right in the treatment she prescribed for me. What I didn’t know, or have the foresight to find out at the time, was that she was convinced my problem was depression and not anxiety. Therefore her idea of treatment was popping pills for a condition that I didn’t even have. Hence, that did nothing to stop the panic attacks, but did cause a 12kg weight gain. During this time I had stopped training with Nick and rarely saw the inside of the gym at all. Enter into my life a new GP. A woman who has helped me to turn my life around. In doing so she has empowered me to find out more about my condition and get to the root of fixing the problem – not just masking it. I have since spent the last 3 years doing lots of reading, attending workshops, learning meditation and exercising. Enter back into my life Nick Jack. My doctor impressed on me the importance of exercise in helping to overcome my condition. You see the panic disorder causes an imbalance of serotonin in the brain. Exercise can help balance this hormone and goes a long way to making you feel better. I approached Nick with some trepidation, not knowing if he would want to take me on as a client again. I was afraid that I would not live up to his expectations or be able to handle what he would “dish out” in a PT session. And I dare say that it crossed his mind that I wouldn’t be able to handle it either. BUT, we decided to both take a chance on each other. And am I glad we did ………I have been back training with Nick for almost a year now and I feel amazing. I have lost almost all of the weight the anti depressants put on, I feel happier than I have in a long time and I have been panic attack free in all that time. But by far my biggest achievement has been my first trip to Europe last year. Not only did I survive a 24 hr plane ride, but I spent 4 weeks in two of the busiest and noisiest cities in the world, Rome and London. I went from not coping with the crowds at the Commonwealth Bank to lining up with the masses at the Colosseum!!! I firmly believe that exercise has played a huge part in getting me where I am today. Not only has it helped me physically in a lot of ways, but it has helped mentally in so many others. Exercise has become a great way for me to see achievements in my life and to measure how far I have come in the last 6 years. Add to that Nick’s constant encouragement, and I feel like I could take on the world these days. I wish to thank Nick for taking part of this journey with me. It has been hard at times, but I have learnt that I can get through anything. Which is always a good thing to remember at 8am when Nick is adding more and more weights to the barbell!!! Happy Training everyone

Justine Sharman





When I was an early to late teenager I was really into my sport, it started with little athletics from the age of 10 till 14 and Basketball from 10 till 18, there was also a bit of Netball thrown in there. By the age of 15 I was playing basketball at a state level for 4 different teams, this involved training 4-5 times a week and also playing 4 games a week all across the state. This went on until around the age of 18, by then I was really burnt out and needed a break! I haven't taken up basketball again but at the age of 22 (4 years ago) I joined the Wantirna Goodlife Gym, I did so because I really wasn't happy with myself when I looked in the mirror, I wanted to get back to the athletic shape that I once was so I looked great in my wedding dress in 2010. It’s really hard once you have been training at such a high level to motivate yourself and get back into it. I think the realisation of not looking as great as what you had pushes you to get back into it again.

For around 12 months i was going to the gym 3-4 times a week but still didn't feel like i was getting the results that I was after! This is when i started training with Rossy, i started seeing her for 1/2 an hour once a week and we started by going back to basics, i now see her twice a week for an hour with my training partner Kelly and now do exercises that I never thought possible! I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction out of my training. I knew it was something that would not happen overnight, but I knew deep down I would get there if I was consistent and worked hard enough. Life to me is not about being the best but being happy within yourself and pushing yourself to do things you never thought of doing. Before seeing Rossy I was also a bad ATHSMA sufferer but through her training and fitness levels better than they have ever been I have been able to get my ATHSMA to a point where I no longer need ventolin and now only suffer the mild affects of ATHSMA in the colder months. It has taken a lot of hard work but thanks to the fantastic support from Rossy and my training partner Kelly I have completely transformed my body and I am finally starting to become more confident and happy with myself. I can't thank Rossy enough for her efforts over the last 3 years!!!

Simone Dunstall





For many years Tai Chi has existed only on the boundaries of my consciousness; a sound, devoid of meaning; a sneeze in two words – Tai Chi! Bless You! The transformation from verbal explosion to a practice which has sustained, and continues to sustain, both an inner calm and an outer strength has taken place in just under a year. Please, let me tell you my story. My starting point is not picked at random, but picked because it marked the beginning of an end, and that end was my Father’s death. In November 2007 our extended family gathered to meet with a traveling Lancaster. Dad had not seen his brother for almost forty years, and wanted to welcome this special man with his whole family. During those few days I noticed a wearying in my Dad, and a wariness in Mum, something not present when we met months earlier. Because of the joyousness of this occasion, my brother and I did not raise our worries.Two months later, in January 2008, our first grandchild, their first great grandchild, was born, and Mum and Dad arranged to travel from their home in Goulburn to meet with this new one.

Two days before their arrival that April Mum called to cancel the visit, cagily referring to ‘aching legs’, and ‘trouble getting about’. In July 2008 my Father wrote a poem, one I struggle still to read, foreshadowing his death. Before the planned November celebration of his 80th birthday, we were gently made aware of some ‘bucket list’ wishes – a cruise on Sydney harbour with music; a meal with his family; a calm acceptance. Though calm acceptance was the hardest gift to give, my Mother, at that time, found it impossible. When the fears were unspoken there was still hope; when the doctors remained insistent on ‘just a bad back’ there was still a remedy. The cruel, abrupt diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer swept away the hope, eliminated the remedy, and left my Mum with no refuge. The knowledge she would lose her husband of sixty years (celebrated on Boxing Day 2009, this date the light towards which Dad drove his body, guided his spirit), lose her best friend, took my Mother to the edge. At the time of the eventual diagnosis the cancer had moved to my Dad’s pelvis and femur and he was, in reality, walking with a broken hip. Like a train not wanting to miss a station, the disease moved in an orderly fashion, from prostate to pelvis; from pelvis to spine; from spine to brain. And all the while Dad acceded calmly to the treatments; talking with those who feared, settling those who pained. And all the while he knew the now cruel reversal , one step forward, two steps back. He fought to give my Mum the time to care for him; he fought that she would never doubt his love for her.

On a cold Goulburn afternoon, on Tuesday June 22nd 2010, my Father died; unable to see, unable to swallow, unable to live any longer. The times before this were the times of my Father, the times since have been the times of my Mum. The filaments of family ties have slowly woven a safety net to protect against the edge, until the voices calling: ‘Mum/Grandma/Barbara, we love you without bounds, we protect you with this love. There is life after death. Please, share this life, your life, with us’ are truly heard. In the months before my father died I knew I needed help. Three bulging discs in my lower back, normally kept quiescent by exercise, had returned in sharp relief. The driving to Goulburn, the insistent anxiety triggering floods of corrosive cortisol re-shaped my body as a question mark. I knew I needed help, yet I wanted practical ‘please fix my body’ help, naively believing hopping on an exercise cycle and a solid weights programme would magic a cure. I sought out Nick, and asked if he would train me. Nick was not naive. Nick did not prescribe vigorous work-outs, the muscle-straining lifting I had hoped would fix my body, and in the doing briefly corral all thoughts, all anxieties. No. Nick raised the possibility of Tai Chi, and in that suggestion started a gradual and solid transformation. Slow to learn at first, my body rigid with resistance, my mind busily somewhere else; ‘wonder how the tests are going’, ‘how will Mum cop As the weeks segued into months, my mind gently slowed, and through that slowing the body started to release its tensions. And as the tensions in the body eased, the movements became more fluid, and the confidence in that fluidity flowed back to my mind. As calmness slowly took the place of perpetual anxiety, the cortisol tap turned off, and the punctuation changed, a curled question ceded to an upright exclamation. The movements of Tai Chi soothed and calmed my mind, focusing it on the imperative of now. My body’s response to this calmer mind was a revelation, a confirming lesson on the interconnectedness of the mind and the body. Now my body can do a 20Kg one arm row, it can now repeatedly ‘throw’ 16Kg kettlebells, yet it is the strength and peace of Tai Chi that has created this other strength. There is a growing absence of mind chatter, (the Buddhist description of ‘monkey-mind’ seems so right), and from that absence has grown a more available and direct focus on training. That direct focus has flowed unhindered into training. That training has moved my body from ‘hey, I can lift that’ to ‘hey I can lift THAT’! Tai Chi. Bless you, Nick.

Jane Sedgwick






As you know I have come a long way with my training and recently have been complimented at the way I did my DB arm exercise onthe swiss ball I do enjoy the kettlebell exercises, but need lots more practice to perfect that one. What I learnt through my PT with you, is to persevere and not give up to be aware to engage the correct muscle groups etc. Balance was another bitg problem, even learnt to do squats on the upsidedown bosu, what an achievement that was. My least favourite exercise - chin ups - is not so bad anymore, Nick, you are a tough taskmaster, but boy it works. So just keep pushing me and I will eventually get there.As you know a year ago I started to do Yoga at Erlinda's Yoga Studio in Ringwood, which helped me with a lot with my stiffness in my hips and back and my mental attitudetowards exercise in general. I will never be a Yogi, but with props and cushions and chairs, I learnt to adjust poses to by body's abilities, it feels great. You and Erlinda have done wonders for me. My biggest achievement in gym training are: Balance, Bosu Squats even with eyes closed, muscle strengths and all of these equal to mental and personal wellbeing.In May I will be 69. I will keep going with my training and healthy eating so I can look forward to a wonderful phase in my life of 70+. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Brigette Bohren




I have been a member of the club for a number of years and three years ago I undertook the 12 week challenge, which included the services of a personal trainer. I was delighted with the results and decided retain a personal trainer in the future. My original trainer Jess had left the club and I met Rossy. We have now worked together for over two years. During that time Rossy has helped me to improve my strength, my balance, my core muscles and has also helped me to use proper techniques for my training. The training has been varied, has covered all major body groups and has variety in my training programme. True to her role, she also pushes me to my maximum potential. I attend the club a number of days each week. On the other days I concentrate mainly on aerobic exercise and classes, so in Rossy’s sessions I have asked her to focus mainly on strength training. Our programme typically consists of free weights, one or two machines and a variety of balance equipment. Perhaps most importantly, she has helped me to stay motivated, I look forward to working with her once a week and I enjoy our sessions together. I also appreciate her helping me with advice on a number of occasions, outside our normal sessions.

Joan Jeffrey




















Rossy Reeves can help you change your life! One day at a time!” As her client for the past four years, I have learned how to apply body work into mental work, therefore changing the way in which I am in the world. It has not always been easy for me, since a great deal had to be ”re”learned. I could not do a push-up at my first session with Rossy. I was weak in my upper body, had little core strength and had a hard time with weights. But Rossy kept pushing me and never let me give up. She helped transform my body into a strong “machine.” I never knew my body was capable of being so strong. Now I truly know the meaning of being fit. Rossy has a great ability to push you to your max without injury. She has also made me see what I am capable of and she has not only transformed my body, but also my mind. Rossy has changed the way I see myself and improved my confidence. Rossy thanks for being a special friend, giving me renewed confidence within myself and showing me that nothing is impossible if you are hungry enough to want it!!

Glenda McGee





Take this as a glowing testimonial, Rossy is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness and is a great motivator. I reccomend working with her if you are ready to achieve your fitness and health goals. I have been training with Rossy for 4 years now and I am proud to say I am her longest serving client! Having been a professional dancer I had a range of injuries and expectations going into my first training session. However the techniques which Rossy teaches focus on improving functional and dynamic movements which are important to me in daily living and with dancing. I started training by myself for 30mins a week and now train with a girlfriend for 1 hour sessions twice a week! I have noticed a significant change in my body shape and muscle tone. Each session is a surprise with new exercises and challenges and I am always looking forward to seeing Rossy, as she is not only my trainer but now also a dear friend. I will be getting married shortly and I trust in Rossy's plan to have me looking and feeling the best I can on my most important day. Rossy practices the art of personal training with energy, enthusiasm and good humour. It is apparent that Rossy enjoys what she does and this comes accross in every session.

Kelly Lee Rackman





Tracey Meaklim Journey….. Summary back late 2007: 39 Years Old Married One Child Excessive High Blood Pressure Massively Overweight No Motivation No Drive Surviving but not living After receiving a sermon from my doctor about how selfish I was and that I’m lucky to be alive due to my health and not acknowledging it, I new it was time to make a change. With some encouragement from a friend at work, I was paired up with a person that would change my life forever and in more ways than one, hello Rossy Reeves. Life doesn’t get any more confronting when walking through the entrance of a gym and meeting a personal trainer for the first time. I think it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but a moment in time that I would never change. My goal with Rossy was basically to get off the couch, lose some weight and to reinvent myself and start living and to stop hiding from the world.

The biggest achievement has been completing 20 push ups with a straight back from just one push up on my knees, but along the way there have been many more. I think this journey with Rossy has completely changed my life, I’ve dropped 15 kilos and managed to maintain my weight to this day. I cycle most Sunday’s for 50km’s and find myself running behind Puffing Billy, maybe one day I will run along side it. Another bonus has been meeting the most amazing people, the “No Regrets Team” and there entourage. They have all been very supportive in all aspects of my life and encouraged me to be a bit more adventurous and to push the boundaries. My journey continues to this day…training twice a week, a glass of red with my best friend on a Friday night and being a loving wife and mother who is always up for a challenge. One could say I have found a balance in my life. To you Rossy; thankyou for seeing the potential in me, And most of all, for being apart of my journey to a better life. My Quote: “The journey between what you once were and who you are now is where the dance of life takes place”

Tracey Meaklim






















When i was first asked to cut rice out of my diet, I thought 'how can i do this.' Being asian, rice is pretty much all we eat. It was going to be a drasatic culture change. After having many discussions with nick during our training sessions, nick thought i would be benificial for me for us to sit down and talk about food. A few questionare's later, we discovered that i had changed from a mixed type food person, to a protein type person, and that the intestinal issues i had been experiencing for many years, may be due to an intelorance i may have built up from eating rice everyday. Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, and rice for dinner, rice, rice, rice, with other dishes mixed in with it of course. Nick with his wealth of knowlegdge suggested i try eliminating rice, for a week and see what happens. So for 1 week i was to cut out rice, for my intolerence, cut out potato and pumkin for my food type. After about the 5th day or so i started to feel a real difference in my body, i felt lighter, i had less gas (alot less) and my bowel movements had become a much more easy experience.

Sometime during the second week i added rice into one of meals to see what would happen. The result was not good, all the unmentionable things occured, so from that day on i knew what foods i can eat to stay feeling great. A friend asked my once whilst walking thru a food court, "what cant you eat?." in the question lyes the focus, i replied "i preferr asking my self, now what CAN i eat" I weighed my self a few days ago i found that i had lost about 6kgs. I hadnt been trying cos didnt have a lot to loose, just the niggling love handle. since giving up rice in my diet roughly 2 months ago, and eating food that is benificial to protein type people, and doing heavy weights, rather than spending hours on the treadmill. I had gained muscle and lost fat. I am felling I'm in the best condition i have ever been my whole life. and feel the best of me i still to come. Thanks nick! your teachings and motivation will stay with me for life, thanks for helping me feel great!

Dom Lach





I started training with Nick 18months ago; I was referred to him by a friend who said he is really good working with people who had back problems. I had a bulging disc which I had recovered from but was too scared to resume any weight training as I didn’t want to do any more damage to my back and knew I had really weak core strength. After 18 months I’m amazed at the progress I have achieved and the strength I now have, I have gone from not being able to even balance on one leg or lift the tiniest of weights to now being able to squat xxkg and lift over xxkg and to both our amazement I can now do chin ups (only 2) with no assistance. Working with Nick to achieve great core strength has been very rewarding and has boosted my confidence level in regards to my back injury.

Brooke Ferguson



Hi, my name's Ruth. As a runner, I've suffered my share of injuries. Over the years, I've learnt to listen to my body. Just over a year ago, it was telling me that it was weak in its core, causing me to become injured. By chance, I read a magazine article about what Chek practitioners do, and contacted Nick. Nick initially analyzed where I was weak, asked what my goals were, and came up with a strength program. Unlike other personal trainers/coaches, Nick used a holistic approach, encompassing diet, motivation, posture and time management (making sure my program fit in with my other commitments). Nick was really thorough in all these aspects, taking the time to ask heaps of questions and going through the strength exercises with me. He always gave a reason why I was to do a certain exercise, and stressed proper technique. As a result, my running technique improved, making me much more efficient, saving energy on long runs up to 50km. ??
When I became pregnant about 11 months ago, Nick was able to adjust my program to suit, explaining where and why to be careful with stretches and movements. I felt so much better after exercising, and was reassured that I was doing things correctly (all the while listening to my body). With a strong core, I was able to do strength work and run/walk right up until the birth of my daughter. I'm sure the short, relatively easy labour (no labour is pain-free!) was due to my fitness, thanks to Nick. ??
It's a great motivation to have Nick overseeing my strength program, as I have a focus for my exercise, and I'm accountable to him. I enjoy the exercises and stretches, and look forward to a new challenge every 6 weeks, when I chat to Nick, reassess goals and receive a new program

Ruth Dover