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History & Philosophy

The History Of No Regrets

Many people ask “How did you come up with the name No Regrets?”  This is a great question because besides being quite a cool and clever name it actually has a very personal and significant importance to myself (Nick Jack). Way back in 2003 I was working in a full time Sales position as an account manager with Global Food Giant Nestle. I was very good at my job, but as with most positions this days it was very stressful and required me to work over 50-60 hours per week plus travel of 2 hours. And as I was getting promoted regularly, my pay grade increased and my time to myself seemed to decrease. I had always been heavily involved in sports and still was playing competitive high level basketball and tennis which both were being sacrificed due to work. This seemed to make me even more frustrated and angry at times as this was not “living the dream.” But like most people I continued on, sacrificing my health, happiness and dreams to do something that I felt I had to do.

Then…….. It all came to a massive halt! While at a party to celebrate a friend’s birthday I collapsed and landed on my head, fracturing my skull. This left me in hospital for several days, and with a chronic headache for several months. And to this day I still cannot smell or taste food due to damaged nerves behind my nose. But it was while I was in hospital and even more so when I got home that I realised I had a second chance and that I should not just settle for the life I had, but to do what I wanted to do, take risks,  and be happy. Up to this point I had many regrets in my life, I had many chances to play sports at a higher level, and decided not to because it was risky. I had always taken the more conservative road, just in case something bad happened. The Mark Twain quote rings in my head almost every day, “I have lived through many bad things in my life, some of them actually happened.” 

But now I decided I wanted to change my life and how I looked at things and from this day on have NO REGRETS with whatever I choose to do with my life. So within 12 months I resigned from my job, enrolled in a Personal Trainer course and got a part time  job as a PT earning $16 / hour for 14 hours per week. A big drop in pay, but a huge increase in happiness and health! but I loved every minute of it and still do, because I get to do what I have always been good at, sports and exercise, and even better than that, get to show many other people how to make it fun and change their life. Just like I learnt to.

So as a team at No Regrets we all live by this mantra and try to teach this to our clients with our teaching methods.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone is an athlete and that nothing is impossible. There are no limits to what you can achieve and in doing so there should be No Regrets. We also firmly believe Health & Fitness are two separate components that must be understood to achieve your goals. Our philosophy is simple: Only a HEALTHY person can achieve FITNESS. And they must be followed in that order for you to achieve long term lasting results that allows you to live a life of joy and happiness. Most people use methods of fitness training to achieve health, yet it is fair to say if you are unfit you are also unhealthy. Now many people look at losing weight as becoming automatically healthy. However I know many skinny people who are very unhappy and very unhealthy. I also know many extremely fit people who are very unhealthy. Like everything you must have a nice balance in life. Trying to use fitness methods to get healthy is doomed for failure as the factors that are most likely holding the person back from achieving their goal are not fitness based. 

They are health based. 

Factors like stress, nutrition, sleep, even having a vision in life to know what you want to do, are far more important than trying to run 10km on a treadmill or do some incredible abdominal workout. The days of the “go hard or go home” workout, counting calories and trying to absolutely annihilate your body every workout are outdated, don’t work and only create problems, not solve them. 

We firmly believe in the method of GET HEALTHY FIRST and then become fit. Our programs are designed to teach our clients the secrets to long lasting health, and if done correctly will also provide levels of fitness you have never dreamed of.

We know this program works, because we have all adopted this form of training and test and try everything ourselves before showing a client.