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How to improve your posture and boost your energy when you really don't have time for a workout

Written by: Nick Jack
Category: 2014
on 08 April 2014
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Trying to fit in exercise while you are stuck in the office all day, can be a real challenge for most people. In fact, besides eating the right foods and reducing stress, LACK OF TIME would be the biggest problem we face with people not getting enough from their exercise program. But, what if I could show you how to do a workout where you don’t even have to get changed, use any amazing equipment, even need much space besides where your desk is? And it would only take 5 minutes!

Below is a video you can watch that I timed when we took it to make sure it would not take more than 5 minutes. That includes the time it takes me to explain the exercises too!

We have been using this type of workout with many people for quite some time, especially for our rehabilitation programs where we need to improve posture by using good repetitive movements. We call this workout the ALARM CLOCK workout and it is based around trying to get your KEY EXERCISES or STRETCHES completed regularly throughout the day. We have actually found through numerous studies with our clients that we achieved better results from doing several 1-2 minute workouts throughout the day as opposed to 2-3 long 60 minute sessions in a week. To actually change a muscle that is chronically short and tight it needs a lot of time being loosened and stretched. And equally important the weak muscles that have become long and weak need time to shorten and tighten.

Watch this video to see an example of what I mean

This doesn’t mean you can stop going to the gym or doing your cardio sessions. It just means the muscles that influence your posture, are also the same ones that will give you muscle tension and tightness and are more effectively re-trained and loosened by completing many short bursts of exercise. Remember if you have a LACK OF TIME this type of workout will benefit immensely as you will be preparing your body to cope with the tougher demands of your harder workouts later in the week or the next day. I do this workout possibly 3-4 times per week myself.

We see so many people who are overweight, lacking energy, stressed out, suffering some type of injury and we all know the benefits of completing an exercise program are huge. However many people are working longer, spending more time travelling to and from and by the time they get home, have something to eat, they are exhausted and no longer feel like doing a workout.  So if you feel like the person I just described then see if you can start adopting some of the simple exercises or stretches into your day. Remember you are becoming more efficient as you will have already completed your workout before you get home! And as you can see I am dressed in slacks, shirt and a tie just like someone in an office environment. So if you LACK TIME to workout try and adopt the Office Workout and I guarantee you will be amazed at how much more energy you have and the aches and pains in your shoulders or lower back will have disappeared.