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7 Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Core For Improved Sports Performance

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 11 June 2014
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Strength training for sports is absolutely essential if you want to take your game to the next level and also to prevent injury from stopping you in your tracks. Knowing exactly what exercises to choose must be based on a series of tests and assessments that can identify your weaknesses and also the requirements of your sport. Having said that, after training all types of clients from different sports and also competing at high levels in various sports myself, I have been able to narrow my TOP 7 Exercises that you need in your kit bag if you want to be unstoppable. These exercises are not based on muscles but instead on essential movement patterns and abilities. The movement patterns that must be performed in a STANDING POSITION are Lunge, Squat, Bend, Push, Pull, Twist & Gait. Coupled with different abilities you are able to create amazing athletic sport based gym exercises that train your nervous system to a level similar to your sport. Abilities required in sports are Speed, Power, Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Endurance, Balance & Co-Ordination.

Below I have listed our TOP 7 Sports Exercises but make sure you watch the video as we show you what they actually look like when performed correctly.

Why Should You Listen To Me

There is nothing worse than getting advice on how to play a sport from someone who has never played the game before. The armchair TV expert or the trainer who is a good runner and pretty fit but has the coordination of a 5 year old when it comes to ball sports. If you are a keen sportsmen you would agree it is hard to explain the complex movements and requirements of your game to someone who has never played. I myself have played sports at high levels for Basketball, Tennis, Football and even Netball and Soccer I dabbled in. In recent years I devoted a stack of time to Triathlon, Cycling & Running competing in various competitions to see how good I could get and be able to understand these sports as I was coaching people to do them. It is a motto we have at No Regrets, "Never show a client something or tell them to do something that you cannot do yourself". The trainers who we have on our team are very skilled in different sports. One is a semi professional VFL Football player and the other a Tennis Coach and A Grade Pennant Tennis player.  Check out our full team by clicking here.The exercises and videos we are going to show you in this article will feature us completing exercises and also some of the sporting movements you are likely to use in your game.


•Has a high carry over effect to several aspects of almost any sport!
•Requires massive activation of all the muscles surrounding the hip joint!
•Trains the nervous system to be able to move efficiently
•Improves agility & co-ordination
•Improves leg strength, prevents injury
This is a key exercise we use for all sports and is also a massive part of our rehabilitation program. The reason this is so good for sports is that it closely mimics the movements needed in the game. Below is a great video to prove just how closely this looks like movements needed in the game of AFL Football.


•Possibly the most effective and applicable exercise with any sport or movement
•One of the key movements from  which the brain makes other movement  patterns
•Provides your body with power and acceleration.
A key movement in Golf and Tennis. Also excellent for Baseball, Cricket and all throwing sports. Out of all the movement patterns this is the most important to get right as it can sabotage every other movement pattern. For explosive change of direction movements that are critical to most sports, developing your skills and strength with this exercise is not a luxury but a necessity. Anyone suffering with lower back pain must also find a way to do this correctly to ensure no further injury occurs.


•Mimics a throwing action.
•Tries to incorporate the strength, skill and timing of the legs, torso and arms in a split second!
• Highly explosive & athletic
Without doubt the most athletic exercise we use and will relate highly to sports that require quick change of direction.
Also excellent for throwing sports


•Very difficult exercise
•The nervous system is overloaded with commands from the the core, legs & arms
•The exercise tries to find any weakness in the torso, hip, knee, ankle joints!
•Mimics jumping off one leg
This strength exercise is our Key movement for Basketball as it mimics the act of a lay up or a dunk. This would be my favorite exercise in the gym for sure as I play high level basketball and have suffered many ankle injuries prior to training with exercises like this. Not only have I never hurt my ankle again since adopting this training but I have been able to jump higher and explode with crossover moves that I never could do in my younger years! This is also very good for AFL football in that it looks very similar to marking or a ruckman going for the hit out. Make sure you watch the video below to see this in action.


•The King of glute exercises
•Great for injury prevention, in particular Knee Injuries.
•Weak glutes are associated with most lower limb injury
•Great for improving power
•Essential for runners
This is a pre-requisite for anyone who needs to run. Great for all sports played standing up. Quite a difficult exercise to get right which is why I have provided you with a video in slow motion showing you the mistakes and how to avoid them. If you are someone with serious Knee Pain or injury make sure you check out our KNEE PAIN TOOLKIT as this has over 60 exercises, stretches and 6 months worth of programs put together in a 60 minute DVD and instruction manual you can download instantly.


•The demands placed on the body’s pro-prioception and nervous system is massive!
•Dramatically improves balance and leg strength ratio between left and right leg
•Improved balance means improved performance, enhance stability, faster braking skills and less chance of injury
Another great exercise we use for Football Players to keep their balance when in the contest. I myself like to use this for my basketball conditioning as it helps to build strength endurance for keeping balance in defense and for change of direction.


•Takes Agility training to a whole new level in a very short time
•Improves reactivity
•Develops change of direction quickness
•Enhances braking skills
All sports that require change of direction and sudden braking skills. We use this heavily for our tennis program and again for Football, Basketball and Netball.


Training for sports needs to be dramatically improved in the Fitness industry. For far too long have people been following body building programs that not only make the sports player slower and less effective on the sporting field but also setting them up for injury. These are just a glimpse of what our training programs are like and I highly recommend downloading some of our FREE Reports below to get even more information. If you have Knee Pain I suggest getting a copy of our Knee Pain DVD & EBook program as we have helped hundreds of people to get back to sport fast and become stronger than ever by applying the principles I have just shared with you in this article.
If you would like more information or are curious about our Sports Programs contact myself Nick Jack on 0408 525 564 or fill in a contact form below