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28 Day Challenge Fit-Vember

Written by: Nick Jack
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on 22 October 2014
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We are launching our popular 28 Day Challenge again this year as of November 1st 2014 and this year is going to be the best year ever! We are going to run 32 classes in 28 days that will enable people to train everyday without overtraining as we have carefully designed this challenge to provide strength, fitness, recovery, nutrition and support that you need to get great results. And we are doing this for only $97 ( normally $640 ) for unlimited access to all classes! There will also be an Opportunity to participate in a nutrition workshop and cooking demonstration at Wild Oak Restaurant with No Regrets Personal Training Metabolic Typing and Nutrition Expert, Melissa Jack and Wild Oak Restautant Executive Chef, Ben Higgs (small additional investment ). Click here to register now

What Makes This Challenge So Good?

Watch the video below to see exactly what we are going to do


Women’s Only Circuit Class

Training in groups can be a more motivating and focussed way to achieve your fitness goals than by going it alone in the gym or attending large group workout classes. Our Women’s Only Circuit Training class is a perfect example of how the group bonds together to create accountability, motivation and most importantly… great fun. We know from our extensive training and years of experience that the sense of camaraderie which comes in-built with our group training sessions not only makes our workouts enjoyable but produces better results too – and, after all, that’s what really counts here at No Regrets. This class is built around strength training exercises, mixed with small bursts of interval training and cardio.

Mixed Circuit Class

This gives the guys a chance to strut their stuff. We use circuit training style of training built around integrated functional strength training exercises to give the participants a “big bang for their buck”. By utilising multi-joint integrated movements we teach great movement skills and build immense core strength whilst at the same time melting fat and improving fitness. 

Boxing & HIIT

We all know what boxing is, but what does HIIT stand for? High Intensity Interval Training. In this class Ben Higgs from Wild Oak our cooking champion and also our Boxing Superstar trainer will take this group through an intense session of interval training. If anyone has ever experienced the 4 minute workout from hell, also known as Tabata will know this class is intense. You will definitely get puffed out during this session & fat will literally melt off your body after a workout like this.

Core Specific Training

This class is where we go over everything from the basics of activating your core with isolated exercises to understanding how to integrate effectively with breathing techniques and specific exercises that require ultimate core control. An absolutely essential class to attend if you suffer from any aches or pains, or you just want to get a bit more out of your training and improve performance.

Stretch & Unwind

This class has been designated to Friday as this is the time when most people are starting to feel the pinch especially if you have completed 4 days of classes. In this session we will cover some of the more complex stretching techniques and methods to not only help you restore optimal flexibility but also Tai Chi and how to use stretching to reduce stress

Mystery Class

Well just as the name suggests the location and what you will be doing will be kept secret right up until 2 days before, to give you that feeling of uneasiness! This will be extremely fun and something to put in your calendar. Mel is really excited about what she has planned for this!

Nutrition Workshop

Mel and Ben are teaming up together to provide you with the ultimate Nutrition experience by having a cooking workshop at Wild Oak for participants of the 28 Day challenge. This will be at an additional cost but you will leave with knowledge on not only what to eat, but how to cook like a chef to make it tasty and delicious.Those of you that attended this year's workshop with Ben would know that it was exceptionally good, well this is going to be even better as we will be in the restaurant this time!

Who Is The FIT-vember Challenge For?

Beginners: If you've never exercised before or it's been some time and you're de-conditioned, the FIT-vember Challenge is perfect for you. Because NOTHING can get you positive results faster than this, and therefore motivate you to keep going. The #1 reason why people quit a fitness program is because they don't see results. The Fit-vember Challenge fixes that problem.

Intermediate to Advanced: Have you hit a plateau? Are you struggling to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat on your abs, hips or buns? Are you losing motivation? Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level and beyond...quickly? Are you ready to get leaner, stronger... and truly ripped?

It doesn't matter what your age or current fitness level is... this is the perfect program for you. All that matters is that you register right now before all the spots are gone.

It's just 30 days... and it's just $97 bucks for access to UNLIMITED group classes. No further commitment, nothing else to buy, just $97 dollars... that's it!

We'll email you all the information you need as soon as you reserve your spot.

Take the challenge!

To your new, better body in 30 days,
Nick Jack
No Regrets Personal Training

P.S. Want to bring a friend (or two)? No problem, just tell them to register on this website today! We'll give them the same special $97 deal.

P.P.S. Have questions? Then be sure to give us a call on 0408 525 564


If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and need a kick start with your health & fitness before the end of the year then this challenge is for you!