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101 Workouts - The Little Black Book Of Training Secrets

Written by: Nick Jack
Category: 2014
on 16 October 2016
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Have you ever come to a point where you want to do a workout but you feel like you have done everything? Or perhaps you feel you need a new challenge, something to really inspire and drive you to do amazing things, and more importantly, achieve amazing results. Or maybe you are a keen sports person, and your frustration is not lack of inspiration, but instead you are searching for more specific and effective programs to complement your sports training. You are looking for something that will give you an edge over the competition, and help you excel. These are just some of thoughts people tell me everyday in my dealings of running a Personal Training business. I am now in my 12th year doing this profession and over this time I have accumulated a plethora of programs, resources, books, course notes, DVD's and most importantly successful case studies of how to design effective workouts for health and fitness that answer all these questions and more. There is no way you can ever run out of ideas, as long as you understand what variables to manipulate and how to do it. There is a real lack of education and knowledge about effective ways to train, with so many people blinded by the emphasis on calorie expenditure. I wanted to put together a resource that encompassed as many different health and fitness goals as possible and show people how to make exercise fun, safe, and constantly challenging to force your body to change. But most importantly I wanted to show people how to TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER!

What Is The Little Black Book Of Training Secrets All About?

This is more than just a book of programs. I even went to the trouble of creating specific chapters and giving you a summary of what the key characteristics, fundamentals, guidelines and general rules to follow are. To see exactly what is inside below is a trailer video where I show you exactly what the book looks like.

A very simple PDF report to download, and everyone can find something that will apply to their current needs.

To get your copy click here or on the image below.

What Are The Chapters?

Far too many people use the same exercises, same sets and same reps with their workouts every workout and wonder why things do not change. Others change their exercises all the time but never change their method. Sports people are often following a body building program that not only will worsen performance but potentially create injury. This is why we created specific chapters to help you find what is relevant to your current goals and needs. This not only makes the challenge more specific to you but also makes your exercise program much more fun.

The specific chapters are as follows

  1. Strength Training why we need it page 13-18
  2. Strength Training Advanced programs page 19-36
  3. Functional Strength Training page 37-72
  4. Core Strength Training page 73-79
  5. Older Adults Training page 80-84
  6. Rehabilitation page 85-94
  7. Sports Specific Training page 95-108
  8. Postural Correction page 109-113
  9. Running page 114-118
  10. Cycling & Triathlon page 119-125
  11. Fat Loss page 126-128

The bulk of the report is in the first 3 chapters - Strength Training and Functional Training. All of the other specifics will relate to these two chapters in many ways. Functional movement is a big part of this book and often I will use exercises emphasizing this method. We have proven for many years that teaching movement patterns and learning efficient ways to move is the fastest and most effective way to make a person stronger. A big part of our rehabilitation program and sports programs are based on this style of training. We value this so highly I want to make sure every person who comes to this website understands this which is why we are giving you this chapter for FREE! Nothing to pay or any strings attached.

Click the image below and I will send this to you straight away.

What If You Are Injured, Is This Still Good To Get?


There is many parts of this book that relate exactly to injury and rehabilitation. However injury is a completely different ball game and the choice of exercises is crucial. I strongly encourage you to look at finding a health practitioner or rehabilitation professional, or even referring to our more specific books and videos on injury as we cover exercise selection in much more detail.

If you live in Melbourne I suggest booking an appointment to come in and see us. I do include basic programs for the most common injuries such as Back, Shoulder, Knee etc. But as these can be quite tricky, and there is no one size fits all approach to getting on top of chronic pain and injury, which is why I would prefer you to look at our other reports that deal with this much more detail. You will find assessments, and most importantly specific exercises and program methods that relate to the injury. See below all of the programs we have available.

Go to the online shop for more details or click the image below. If you are more concerned with injury prevention then the Little Black Book is perfect for you.


If You Are Still Not Sure If You Need The Little Black Book Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Are you training hard but your body doesn't reflect the effort you're putting in?
  • Are you skipping weights session because you are bored and just going through the motions?
  • Do you feel like you need a more specific program for your sport or goal but not sure what to do?
  • You want to get back into your weights but fear getting hurt again and don’t know where to start?
  • You love your weights but time poor and want something that delivers a big punch in short time?

If you answered yes to any of these then the little black book is for you.

Without doubt the most comprehensive Health & Fitness resource we have ever put together. We want to share the secrets we have known for years and use everyday, with the world. We know there is a better way to train, the go hard go home approach does not work, either does the endless split routines of training that take hours and hours to complete.

We want to show you how to TRAIN SMARTER, not harder and HAVE MORE FUN doing it!

And if you still don't believe me then read over 50 of our Success Stories by clicking here.